Sunday, March 10, 2013

So it is official

Well kind of.  We close on our property on the first.  After a lot of second guessing we finally decided that no matter what we do there are going to be risks if we choose to buy rental property.  So we went for it.  So on Monday crazy neighbour asked if we were really buying the building.  We said yes.  "Well I gave my notice.  I refuse to give you a dime of my money".  LMAO!  Apparently she hates us.  Oh the heart ache:P  So besides having to get another tenant it seems like things are going well.  It has passed inspection with flying colours, which we figured.  One of the things about living in the basement apartment, we would be the first to know if there were issues with the foundation or mold.  We will have to replace the roof in the summer, again, not really surprising.
I have started car pooling with another student.  It seemed like a really good, cost saving idea.  We change cars every day, so it also gives me a chance to study (or  play on my phone).  The problem is .... she listens to christian rock.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind religious folks.  You believe what you believe, and I will believe what I do, but Christian rock?  Seriously?  At first I thought it was just bad easy listening... but then I listened to the lyrics... fuck, and you can't NOT listen to the lyrics.  The commercials... oh hell "If you don't like religion but want to celebrate your unique relationship with Jesus Christ..."  No, that is fucking religion.  Perhaps you don't like "organized religion" but Christianity is a religion.  You cannot be an unreligious Christian any more than a spiritual atheist.  Perhaps you are not a church goer, or not a foaming at the mouth trying to convert everyone you meet christian, but you are still part of a religion.  And I do get it.  Hell, I would not want to be linked into what passes for the loving brotherhood of Christianity these days.  Personally I wish more Christians would stand up and say "Hey, douchebag.  Put down your fucking 'God hates fags' sign and help serve this soup to the poor like a good Christian.  Remember the not judging thing Jesus DID preach about?"  But remarkably Christians instead step back for "religion" so not to be tarred with the ilks of Fred Phelps.  It is kind of sad, because I would prefer to believe that they are the minority.  While I do not buy into religion, I would like to think that those who do prefer to do it in a place of love, not hate.

Wow, that turned into a rant.  LOL, anyway, I guess I just wonder at how apologetic we are to others that believe different than we do.  Anyway, my travelling companion and I get along fine.  I can accept her "not religious  includes Christian rock and sermons on the way in to school.  I told her on my days we ritually sacrifice chickens to ensure a safe trip.  I'm pretty sure she knew I was joking.