Sunday, February 24, 2013

I do not believe in Karma

I really wish I did.  I mean it would be wonderful to believe there was an ultimate evening out in the world.  It would be wonderful to know that bad people meet bad ends, but we all know it just does not happen.  I think that is the true attraction of religion.  Some belief that bad people cannot flourish and good people do.  I think there is a comfort in Karma that if we do everything right then bad things won't happen to us.
I somehow don't think I will be buying this:

At our campus there is a "How not to get raped" instructions going around.  It has raised a lot of very angry voices on both sides.  Some people insist that it makes women aware of the dangers surrounding them, I disagree.  I think women know the dangers that surround them.  I think it gives young boys a check list for when it is okay to rape.  It sends the wrong message.  It says that it is the responsibility of the woman not to be raped, NOT the responsibility of a man not to rape.

Not long ago one of my friends was a victim of date rape.  She did not go to the police.  She did not go to the doctor.  She hid in her room for days, and only a couple of us know what happened.  One of my friends told her at the very least she should tell her mother, maybe get some counselling.  The first words out of her mother's mouth : "What were you wearing?"  Now I would like to think that this is just a horrible example of parenting, but I think it shows the way society is convincing even women that rape victims are responsible (at least in some part) for their own attacks.

I have heard it argued many times that if a women points to the man and yells raped that he is assumed guilty.  Only 3% of rapists ever serve a day in jail.  Does that sound like innocent men are being railroaded?  I am not saying an innocent man being blamed for rape has never happened.  But look around at the women you know and know have been raped, and then look around at the men you know  and how many have been accused of rape.  Is it anywhere close to the same?  I'm guessing probably not.  In short, if you think innocent men are the true victims when a woman is raped, I'm thinking you are a misogynistic douche.

I really hope no one is offended here, and I thought long and hard whether to publish this or not, but fuck it all, it is my blog after all

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Second thoughts

   Okay, so we put in a bid, to be accepted by the end of the month if they do not get a better bid.  (Yeah, we low balled them because we knew they were desperate to sell).  The problem is our upstairs neighbours. Or as I call them, the neighbours from hell.  The daughter is about 15ish, and is.... how to put this delicately... a wanna-be gang whore.  The little gang bangers that come around are in and out, busting through the front door twice, fighting, threats of shooting.... blah, blah, blah.... Sometimes at these boys are fighting over this chick like she is the last woman on Earth...REALLY?  Meh, maybe she is the only one in the school who puts out.... anyway, I digress, because really, her sluttiness is really not the issue, just the problem it brings to our door.  On the particular issue of sluttiness, I am NOT going to throw stones from my glasshouse;)  Her mother is a bit of a trip, as she asked C at one time to keep an eye on her daughter.... uh... fuck no!  And she has drunkenly hit on both of us, individually of course.  I think I see who her daughter's role model is.

So last night we hear the mother and her boyfriend arguing, stuff being thrown about and thumping, nothing unusual.  It got louder, then we heard the daughter screaming "Stop it!  You're hurting her!"  Now, we mind our own business.  But I will be fucking damned if I let some dick beat up a women and just sit back.  Nope, sorry, no way.  We pounded on the door, and it suddenly went quiet.  C yelled through the door if she was all right, and no reply.  Well, we are not fucking buying that they are not home.  So finally I yell that we have to phone the cops if she doesn't say something.  Again, no reply, so we called the cops.  Now again, this is not my way.  I do not believe in calling the cops on noisy neighbours, but neighbours getting the shit kicked out of them.... yeppers.  Cops came and no answer on the door.  C let the cops in with his key, and they started.... sweet holy fuck, yelling and screaming at C.  Saying he had no business calling the cops.  C told them what we heard, and the mother yelled "You know Jen's a drama queen.  No one was getting hurt"  Then the cop asked a very obvious question: Why did she not come to the door when being checked on.  Then she replied "I don't have to answer the door if I don't feel like it."

   So today I am on a fact finding mission... Can we get rid of our upstairs neighbour if we buy the building, or are we going to e stuck with the tenants from hell?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buying our home

Our landlords have put our building up for sale. After much talk we made a bid, and got married.  Yeah, just like that.  Most common law has made marriage redundant, but in Ontario the laws for property are different, so we did it.  I texted my mom, " got married"  she texted back "if you are kidding I'll kill you, if you are serious I will kill you, then bring you back to kill you again".  Not sure how to reply to that.  Frankly with my mother never having been married I did not think it would be a big deal to her.  I mean, start to finish.... 25 minutes.