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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Younger siblings

I don`t know if I am alone in this or not. But I look at my parents with my brothers and think "Who are these people?"
My parents, not to bitch, but did not give me spending money.  There was no "allowance". I had to earn it. Not that it is a bad thing. It taught me to be very independent. As a kid my friends would save for shit. If I wanted something, I went door to door to offer raking, shoveling, lawn cutting, etc. Those service that were free for my parents by mutual agreement (so I've been told).

So here was the conversation between my dad and my brother:
Hey, Bud, do me a favor and rake up the sticks in the front yard.
I don't feel like it.
I'll pay you.
How much?
$20 (seriously, for 1/2 hour of light labour? $20? My parents would not have let me gouge my neighbors like that)

Nah, I'm good.

What the actual fuck?

Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm pretty sure my baby brother is a genius

He may only be 2, but holy shit is the kid bright.

First: He plays chess.  No, not he plays with the pieces... he fucking knows the names of each piece (sadly his older brother can not claim the same, but castle and horse should BE what they are called), how each piece moves.  He hasn't won any games yet, but hell, I've never won against my dad either.  So sadly our records are kind of tied.
Second: My mother is on him about ordering things for himself.  Expressing himself.  On a flight home the flight attendant asked my mother what he wanted to drink he replied "Pepsi, no ice, please".

Third: He is nobody's fool.  While in my car he started playing with the window button.  Up, down, up, down, up, down.... you get it.  Well when I was able to distract him with horses I clicked on the window lock.  When he went back to the window and gave a sigh of frustration I said "SOrry, they must be broken", he glared at me and replied "No you locked them like Daddy does."

Finally: When we aren't sure what he is and is not allowed to do he will say "Mommy says yes" or "Mommy says no", as to what he is usually allowed.  When my mother told him he had to have a nap.  "Mommy says no."  "I am Mommy you little shit."

Close Case-man, but no cigar.  That was a rookie error.  You can't uses mommy says on mommy.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Driving my brother

We were driving through Brantford on the Wayne Gretzky parkway. CJ asks if Wayne had brothers, I know he had at least two. I asked why. He asked: "wouldn't it just suck to have like a totally epic icon as a brother, and you were just like everyone else."
"Geez, kid, I'm sorry, it must be tough to be my brother"
"No Jamie, epic, not just in your own mind."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I know, I know.  I've been a very bad blogger.  I have no excuse.  I guess my blogging mojo has been bored to sleep with all my studying.  School sucks.  I hate it.  I miss my interactive college life.  I miss my friends.  I know, it is not supposed to be some party... but it was:'(  I hate, hate, HATE most of my classmates.  One would think that with our life aspirations pretty on par with each other there would be so much common ground.  NOT.  First off 75% are female, which should be good with me.  I've never had a problem with hanging with the girls.  LOL, I remember a particular video in which Psycho Basher called the kid Jamie:D

LOL, yep, still funny.

Anyway, I am in hell.  A hell surrounded by vegans.  I need to find some real people to hang out with.

I went to dinner at my mom and dad's with C, and "early Thanksgiving" thing.  CJ got glasses, and he hates them.  I just said "But do you see better?"
   "Yeah, before the glasses I thought you were white."  I thought my mother was going to choke she was laughing so hard.  Smart ass runs in my family:D

Off topic but interesting fact:  Clenching your left fist represses your gag reflex.  Ah, the tips I get from Google+.  Thanks Chuck, I'm sorry I doubted you.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

F is for

Family.  I was helping my dad and mom get their new property cleaned up.  To translate, My dad and I filled a bag of old mulchy leaves, then proceeded to drink almost a case of beer.  I love how he has the same sense of home projects I do.  Hand me a beer.

We started playing cards with CJ.  Scat.... or thirty-one.  Anyway I had 29, watched my last 10 get buried so I knock.  CJ lost and he says "Why did you have to knock?"
"I wasn't going to get my scat, all my 10s were gone."
"So, the game isn't all about you, you know."  I could not help but laugh.  CJ is a very poor loser.  I never let him win.  I never have.  I find it demeaning to the other person to let them win.  Like implying they can never compete.  And they surely never learn that way.

So later CJ says "I know Morris code."
"Morse code"  I corrected him, "Not Morris.  Morse, after Samuel Morse."
"Well I know it." he then proceeded to tap away.
"You know that is not Morse code.  You use Morse code to transmit a message, it is not just random dits and dahs."
"It was a message."
"Really, and what was it supposed to say?"
"That big brothers think they know EVERYTHING."

Damn, he's becoming a teenager alright.  I've been put in my place.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Special is as special does

Helping my parents on Sunday. They are in the process of the big move. Out to the country. So I enlisted C's help, and he's okay with it because it's work, not a social thing. C's a worker bee. So long as he is busy he's quite content. Anyway, so the family is in and out of the house, they are fully downsizing so family is picking up tables and desks and beds,etc. that my parents aren't taking with them.
 I love my Nonna. She's just wonderful... As a grandmother. Mother-in-law.... Yeah, not so much. Her and my mother have a somewhat strained relationship. See, if my dad makes decisions she would not make for him, it's my mother's influence. Like them not getting married, having children so late in life. Blah blah, blah. Over the years the have learned to peacefully co-exist. The key is to understand first and foremost, she is my dad's mother. What that means is that no one will ever be good enough for him. And that while her Catholicism may be skewed to her advantage, she is still catholic, or as C.J. calls it "the C word".

 So she came and made a comment about how it was nice that my "special friend" would help them. That is instead of boyfriend he is my "special friend". I am fairly certain she knows that this idea she has that I will find some nice Italian girl is never going to happen, but she still likes to pretend that C is just a friend, a roommate. So the CJ says that he doesn't like Nonna calling him that. I told him. Or to worry. She's just Nonna, stuck in her ways. "I still don't think it's nice calling him retarded.". Not that kind of special CJ.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sage advice for Valentine's Day from an expert

   I was at my Nonna's on Sunday.  Whole family thing.  My cousin was lamenting that his most recent crush had friend-zoned him.  He asked her out to be told she didn't like him "that way".  So he was trying to drum up ideas that would "remind" her that he was still interested if she changed her mind, but without creeping her out too much.  
   Then came the sagest words from the most unlikely source:  "There is a fine line between persistence and restraining orders."  We were laughing, but then CJ got this dead serious look on his face, apparently really mad we were taking his serious advice as so funny.  "Trust me, I know."  His 12 year old face so intense.
   "And how would you know?" I asked.
   "I watch a lot of judge shows." 

Monday, November 7, 2011


I love video games.  When my mother claims I waste my time I tell her that when the zomies attack , and they will, she will see the rewards for my mad skills.  Recently CJ has been spending quality time on my PS3 with me being at C's.  "Calvin, I don't want you wasting your whole day on the PS3," mom was telling him yesterday.
"I'm in training for the zombie apocolypse," he defended himself to my pride.  "See these thumbs," he held them up,"These are the thumbs of a warrior."  I am Still laughing.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Evil little monster

   In this instant my brother is out, with friends.  He is too old to be walked by his older brother "like a baby" and would be embarrassed to be the only kid his age with an adult.  No matter I was in costume.  Waiting.  And got ditched at the door by a twelve year old:'(

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Update on things

So I have hit an all time low.  I am depressed and sad.  C has said some awful things.  He says I am bossy and controlling, that I insist on everything my way, that I never give a little.  It has hit on all my insecurities about myself.  But I don;t care what he says, I'm not letting him out of the basement.

Haha, well, I thought it was funny.  Ali punch me, so maybe it was not as funny as I thought:P  Actually, things on the Chris front have been very... peaceful of late.  I'm backing off him enough that he is relaxing a bit more and things are good.  My brother is being rather surly with me, says I am getting "hogged" by C.  I just don't have the time to hang out with him I used to, and he is feeling hard done by.  Probably time to schedule something with him.  Hit the Spirit halloween shop for costumes or something.