Saturday, December 28, 2013

There are things every couple should not do together

It is different for every couple.  For example, my parents do not put things together in the room with each other. It is either a mom project or a dad project. My mother claims to have discovered this putting together their first "television unit".
In case you are too young to remember when TVs took a lot of space with big accessories.  Picture those covered in VHS tapes and that was my house until my parents were dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  

Now mine with C is a little different. I hate driving with him. We are... how do I put this. Yeah, he's fucking nuts on the road. The road rage in him is strong. Plus he is a real aggressive driver. If I am unfortunate to have a run in with a driver like him they tend to get the old Trudeau salute.

And yet he is amazed when he cuts someone off and gets the finger. The easy solution would be for me to just drive, right? Well only if I tie and gag him in his seat. Not that am against bondage, but there is a time and place. He will not shut the fuck up and just let me drive. I actually love to drive and am a very good NON-AGGRESSIVE driver. I am not slow, or overly passive, I just don't think I win some fucking race by cutting some guy off to get there 2 minutes quicker. I value my and other lives more than those 2 minutes.

Don't get me even started on Christmas shopping when he is hungry.