Friday, June 29, 2012

II am a bad blogger

But to tell the truth the last few posts have been so fucking bitchy I did not want to post yet another post complaining about fucking everything.  Soooo.... Pride next weekend.  Yay!  I wish I could say I am really looking forward to it, but I would be lying.  I am just so tired lately.  But then, in three little weeks....
   Oh but first, So this guy at C's work was selling Stag and Doe tickets.  I do not know if you people not from Canada do this, but basically everyone connected with the wedding is charged with selling tickets to the stag and doe, which is a party only MAYBE 1/5 of all who buy tickets go to, but it is considered somewhat rude not to buy the ticket when asked even if you have never met this person.  So C bought a ticket from this guy at work, with no intention of going.  The next day the guy is selling raffle tickets to same s&d.  Seriously?  you just got $25 out of the man now you are going to go for another $10?  So yeat again, C buys, not because he wants to, but because he does not want to appear to be cheap.  Because apparently not helping pay for strangers' wedding is YOU being cheap.  Yeah, I'm not a fan of the whole stag and doe bullshit.  I have no problem with the concept of fund raising, but not by selling tickets to people you hope have enough of a life not to show at some stranger's pre-wedding party.  You make money liquoring up your friends and family enough that bad decisions are made and awkward memories mar the wedding.  Geez people, get it right.
   He fucking won the big prize.  Yeah, take that!  10 days in some cottage on the lake.   Yeah, in three weeks I am going to take a vacation.  10 days!  I am so fucking excited.  I love cottage country.  Mind you this is not where I am used to going.  This one is in Quebec.  Get me, world fucking traveller:P  It is only 30 minutes out of Ottawa, but it has some french name I can't remember, which makes it that much more uber cool.
So now I am going to brush up on my french.... nah, not really.  Just going to work.  Have a great day.

Finally, no connection to the post, but cutest pic I have seen this week and wanted to share:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day Douche bag

So, I went to my parents and celebrated my Dad.  Then I went home and started thinking (always dangerous) of my relationship with my biological father.  I thought of his birthday in March, and how our last interaction had not been a total disaster.  Hell, but our standards it was practically a magical moment.  So I figured what the hell give the guy a call, it's father's day.
It started off okay, I asked him how his day went.  He had mentioned how he and my brother had taken their families over to my grandfather's house.  It was a bit awkward, because the obvious thing is I had not been invited.  But really, it was with my grandfather, so he saved me from having to come up with an excuse not to go.
That's when it happened.  Looking back I huge over reacted.  Because in all honestly now I don't think he meant to be mean... but that almost makes it worse.  "We would have invited you along, but it was all couples, and we wouldn't want you to feel out because you are single."  Single?  When people wonder why gays fight for marriage and recognition, I can't even get my father to acknowledge that not being with a woman does not make me single.
Well, when Jamie gets stung, he fights back.  So I mentioned it not being a big deal because I was with my real family anyway, which, looking back was an asshole thing to say.
I was on another blog making some comments about his blog post about father's who do not try to raise their sons, yet feel the right to comment on their sons sexuality.  It was a big talk on how over the relationship with my father I am.  Oh, I looked back at my three comments  : The boy doth protest too much.

Monday, June 11, 2012

We got robbed

ROBBED!  Yes.  One of the fucking little pricks from upstairs, I am sure.  The little slutty daughter from upstairs keeps bringing these little wannabe gangbangers, and the little fucks are always causing problems in the neighbourhood.  Anyway, little fucker stole dvds, C's laptop, cds and dumped the tea on the floor looking for pot.  Worst part is that he broke a window to come in and put his hands on our shit.  I could give a shit about the stuff, I mean it's not MY laptop.  But I gotta say, if that kid got my laptop and pressed the icon marked porn.... He may come screaming to give it back.  As it is I think if he gets a closer look at the DVD collection he lifted he may be horrified to have some of them in his possession.
Poor Nelson stayed holed up under our bed.  C said this is why we should have a dog.  Does he know nothing of how I spoil my animals?  Has he not seen proof of this.  THIS would be my dog.

*Le sigh*  And a lone disc from the third season of True Blood left in the PS3, which surprisingly was NOT stolen.  WTF?  funny enough I also am a little insulted at what fucker did not lift.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So fucking tired

Friday, after work, I had work.  I hate that.  Not a good way to start a weekend.  On Saturday we went to see Snow White and the Huntsman.... FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!  Why was it horrible?  I would like to blame Kristen Stewart, and she was horrible, but the worst part was like one person wrote the beginning (which was okay), another the middle (which was mind numbingly dull) and then another the end, which included a screeched speech meant to inspire the troops.  I think they only went to shut the bitch up.But apparently none of these three people spoke to each other and wrote independently, without a solid plot.  Plot-lines were abandoned without resolution.  total character turn abouts with no motivation or reason behind it.  So basically it sucked balls.  And before someone says it.... it sucks homeless old man who has not had a shower in eight years balls.

So Sunday I had to work night.  I am not a fan of the midnight to 6 shift.  But the worst thing was a 9:30 PM on call.  Which means, me trying to adjust my sleep schedule, because I have my "real" job on at 8AM.  So trying to sleep through the day, but then have to call in at 7:30, no to the oncall, come in at midnight.  So to try to go back to sleep.... Fuck I am tired.  One would think this means I slept like a baby last night.... nope.  Last night I tossed, I turned.  I was a miserable prick most of the day.  So here I am, going on about 2 hours last night.  It's gonna be a hell of a day.