Thursday, October 28, 2010


going to take a moment away from studying for my last midterm tomorrow. Biology, wish me luck. Just got off the phone with the wonderful D. Feel all stupid after I talk to him. He just makes me feel good inside. Anyway, no boyfriend this weekend. Out clubbing wiht some friends probably. One of my friends is performing in drag at a local lounge. Should be a riot. His boyfriend's first time seeing him all up in drag. He was so "I can't imagine him looking like a hot woman". No worries there, he would never pass as a woman.
Anywho, I'm off to bed to hopefully not oversleep my alarm and end up missing a mid term. wow, now that will be enough to keep me studying all night.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wow, what a weekend

Had a GREAT time with ... okay... gonna say it... the new boy friend.

Took me to his city. Oh my fucking god... I love it.

His dorm is great. He is great. Have I mentioned he's hot. And he thinks I am the best thing in the world. I promised this would not happen. I will not fall in love. But, fuck, he makes me forget, fuck, everything. I even held out on him... okay, first time ever, and he was cool with it. "J, that makes you more worth the whole trip."

Okay, I did not hold out after that. Are you fucking kidding me? And, I think I have just become a major size queen, because, hell yeah, it matters. On the way back he took me took a nice place for dinner. Fuck, I am a little bit drunk... but very very happy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

School sucks the life out of you

First year in University sucks. And I am so fucking broke. I mean my parents paid tuition, but I had to buy my books. I hate English majors, because they can buy all their books with the amount my biology book cost. Why the hell did I choose science again? And math, my nemisis, is kicking my ass. It may be time to fess up to mom that I am falling miserably behind in math, as per usual. Aren't science and math supposed to be right brained? Well, how the hell can I be great at science and suck so hard at math.
Oh, and that hot guy and I went out last weekend. It was amazing. He is coming home next weekend, and has already asked if we could hang out, so it's good. I hate that he lives in London, but then it is probably a good thing, because I get distracted easily. Sad but true. Speaking of distractions... I'm off to the gym.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friends rock

So my best buddy set me up with a friend of his. Oh, man, he is smoking hot and seemed really nice. We just kind of hung out with the mutual friend, but YEAH and HELL YEAH we will be getting together later in the week. He is two years older than me... and actually a brother of someone I went to school with. Hated that 'phobe, but man, have I mentioned he is hot. So out of my league.
Don't get me wrong, I know I am not like a troll or anything, but I am... average. Average ehight, a bit skinny, and kind of boring. I have always been a bit of a nerd (Hello, I am blogging FFS). Guys that look like football players and models are not generally attracted to guys like me. I find they either like guys like themselves or twinks.
This guy is going ot be a pharmacist, so pretty smart too. I think it highly unfair that he gets to be smart and look like that. But then, I am getting the benefit so don't hear me bitch too loudly.
Oh, and on another track...
Guess who is going to be a big brother again? Yours truly.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh ho, back again

Why, J, why you wonder, has there been such a large gap in blogging. I had a boyfrined. So surely you would not just ignore a blog for a boy. I'm nineteen. Nuff said.
Soooo, had a really wonderful ( I thought) boyfriend. He is going halfway across the country to go to school. Well, dumps me. Life kinds sucks in that regard.
Went bowling today with my mom, bro and a friend of his. So at the alley I see this guy that I know. yes, KNOW know. And he comes over to say hi... in front of my MOM for god's sake. My mom is cool... but, haha, funny enough really into gay guys. How hysterical is that? I swear to god I could feel her checking him out. Ewww, my mom for fuck's sake. And I guy I... well, I'm sure you know what gay guys do together.
Anyway, big plans for the weekend. An old buddy coming into town. No, not like that you pervs. Just a very straight friend. First guy I came out to, if that tells you how close we are.