Saturday, December 28, 2013

There are things every couple should not do together

It is different for every couple.  For example, my parents do not put things together in the room with each other. It is either a mom project or a dad project. My mother claims to have discovered this putting together their first "television unit".
In case you are too young to remember when TVs took a lot of space with big accessories.  Picture those covered in VHS tapes and that was my house until my parents were dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  

Now mine with C is a little different. I hate driving with him. We are... how do I put this. Yeah, he's fucking nuts on the road. The road rage in him is strong. Plus he is a real aggressive driver. If I am unfortunate to have a run in with a driver like him they tend to get the old Trudeau salute.

And yet he is amazed when he cuts someone off and gets the finger. The easy solution would be for me to just drive, right? Well only if I tie and gag him in his seat. Not that am against bondage, but there is a time and place. He will not shut the fuck up and just let me drive. I actually love to drive and am a very good NON-AGGRESSIVE driver. I am not slow, or overly passive, I just don't think I win some fucking race by cutting some guy off to get there 2 minutes quicker. I value my and other lives more than those 2 minutes.

Don't get me even started on Christmas shopping when he is hungry.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I hate when C works weekends (a bit of a gushy post)

It was not so bad during the summer, I had no commitments.  If anything I liked having a "weekend" while everyone else was busy working.  It gave us more hours to do what we wanted.  Restaurants were less busy.  As were stores.  BUT, now that I am in school through the week, fuck that.  About once every six weeks C has to work the entire weekend, which means he will have all day off tomorrow... and guess who has two thumbs and a butt load of classes.  This guy!

The other day someone told me that the whole opposite's attract thing is really a myth.  See people need to have lots of things in common to be able to have things to talk about.  I don't see that  as necessarily true.  If you have the same interests, if you geek out in the same way, why do you even need to talk.  I really think C and I have so much to talk about is because we are so very different.
I mean think about it, how boring would life be if you were partnered with an individual just like you?  I'm pretty sure one of us would be dead by now.  C is a peace keeper.  I am a shit disturber, though I try not to in a bad way.  C is a calm problem solver, and while I am getting better, I still tend to be rather reactionary. C is a planner, where me, I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. But our interests are widely different too.
Chris is ... I am almost embarrassed to admit it.  I can't believe I actually love him in spite of this huge character flaw.... but, he's a Dr. Who fan. But I try not to let that really impact on our relationship negatively.  Hell, I even recorded the 50 Anniversary episode, because I am all kinds of awesomeness.

Chris was raised in bat-shit crazy born again christian, talking in tongues, laying on hands healing, faith filled home.  My parents, Yeah, not so much.
He is blue collar and damn proud of his job.

Now, for me this is probably a pretty gushy post. If you have read this for long you may think I pick on C a lot.  But, hello, I married the man, didn't I?  Obviously he has short comings, but those pale to his good points.  I have 3 rules that are deal killer in a relationship.
1. Must be out, I do not deal with closet cases. (Okay, I broke that rule with C, but we've fixed that)
2. Must NOT be a sports fan.  Watching an occasional game I can handle.  Team jerseys and crap all over the place, no, get a life that involves YOU.
3. while must be an atheist is a bit harsh, must have a reasonable doubt about supernatural.

Oh, yeah, and HOT.  C got away a little from rule 1 because he made up for it in rule 4;)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I have lost my mojo

Meh, it happens.

So I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive:)

Went Christmas shopping for C today.  On a list of three things to get, managed one.... barely.  The other two things are no longer available.  So I gotta come up with some new ideas.  He is the hardest person to buy for.  To make it worse my mom wants me to come up with something she can buy him for christmas.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Man Flu

Yep, C had it.  OMFG, did he have it.  Generally he is not a whiner.... no really.  But sweet holy hell, this time it was like "My throat hurts my ears itch, it feel like I swallowed razor-blades, Am I hotter, am I hotter, am I hotter."  Heaven for-fucking-bid I mentioned in passing being tired.  OR having a head ache (hint hint as to what caused it).
I don't know what happened.  One year ago he was this stoic guy who would suffer in silence.... what happened to that guy?  
 Well it's over.

So this morning I woke up with a throbbing head and horrible throat.  Do you know what he had the unmitigated GALL to say?  "Jesus J I just had it for a week, you didn't hear me complain".

Are you fucking serious?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Not happening.

SO C was off today.  I get home and he has done all the laundry.
C: Your laundry is on top of they dryer.  Your shirts are on top.  You should put them away before they get all wrinkled.

Yeah, that is so not an issue with me.  I iron clothes.  Clothes need shape, not just to be not wrinkled.  Anyway, I am just in from school.
Me: Yeah just give me 15 minutes.  Then I'll put them away after dinner.

C puts the basket from the dryer on to the table.  "You know if you did it now it would be done."

Oh, I so don't think that is happening.

Yep, and if I do it later it will be done then.

10 minutes later, he sighs, because now it is driving his OCD crazy having a basket of clothes on the table.

Fine, I'll just put it away then.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back in my day....

Worst words in the human language. 

On my G plus I came across this with this as an introduction:
Parties are so freaking boring nowadays. Just yesterday I went to a party and it was full of zombies. No one was dancing, no one was having fun. WTF

Predictably starting a bunch of "back in my day" bullshit.  I mean, really?  Progress bitches.  

Lots of assumptions.  First, that this was what the party was like rather than someone saying "I just posted a picture of us on facebook" and everyone going to take a look, or them playing on line together, or recording videos.  It seems that older people are so quick to jump on kids for doing things differently than they did in "back in my day".  Well it isn't your day anymore.  How about you let kids be kids and figure out what they like to do, like you did back in your day.  Remember when you would hear those words from your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, etc?  Remember how you thought "wow, cool, we should do that too?"  No?  Me neither.

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Okay, now I know I am not a parent, never will be, which is probably why parents (especially friends who become parents) drive me insane.  Not all.Hell, I have one friend who is raising his child single-handedly after the mom decided she was not ready to be a mom and wanted to put the kid up for adoption at 6 months old.  Now that is fucked up.

But I digress.  So let me start again.  Why do people change so radically when they become parents?  Now I am not talking about becoming more responsible, or not partying like they used to.  I am talking HUGE changes that make you barely recognize your friend.
The God factor.  This is the first one I became aware of.  My friend in high school got pregnant, had her baby, and suddenly *BOOM* hard core Christian.  And, no, not like bless you Christian, but YOU ARE GOING TO HELL Christian.  She tried to rewrite history of herself as the second virgin mother.  Sorry sweets, I remember you at 15.  She is now homeschooling her little angel because she does not want her child exposed to ... well, life I guess.  Not that I am opposed to homeschooling, if you have the tools (brains) to teach your child properly.
The villiage must raise him.  This is the next one.  Now don't get me wrong.  I do believe that we, as a society, do need to step up and take a more active role in mentoring the youth today.  But the point of the village raising a child, is that others get to input their skills, their views, there morals in the child.  So your child learns about diversity, and understands that different is not necessarily wrong.  The problem is when these parents seem to think the world should change to accommodate what they want their child to learn.  Yeah, these are the parents who demand that Glee be taken off the air, are offended by turbans and hijabs (though they put that cross around their kids neck), and wonder aloud at how DARE Miley Cyrus dance like that when her daughter looks up to Hannah Montana (and seriously: letting a Disney kid be your child's idol?  Have we learned nothing from Lindsay Lohan?)
Then there are the people who suddenly become a non-entity.  Every conversation is about this kid.  If you try to discuss the world they have to give you and opinion based on "Well as a mother/father", like by sheer act of giving birth or impregnating another your opinion should carry more weight.  Yeah, it doesn't.  Frankly all you have proven is that you can have sex.  Yeah, me too.  Get over yourself.

So to all you parents out there who managed to stay true to themselves:  Great job.  Yeah, this kid I have no worries about.  Dad level: Awesome.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Come on everyone, let's all hate the poor.

Okay, know, it's been a while. What can I say, things have not really pissed me off lately. Until yesterday. WHich ran into suppressed rage on another neighboring subject. I cannot twist it all into one post. So I begin with this one.
I hate people. Not all people, of course, but ti seems to me like the assholes I used to think were a minority are not. The selfish, self-excusing dicks of this world really piss me off. My older cousins were having a discussion.... and seriously, as fucking mothers you would think they would be a bit more sympathetic to kids. Three fucking housewives under 25. Three women whose husbands hold jobs, and they raise kids.
"I can't believe welfare is giving an extra 50 dollars every school aged kid those people have for school supplies. I have to buy MY kids school supplies."

Okay the "Those people" thing fucking kills me, like poor people are not quite human. But also, yeah, you can afford to buy your kid school supplies (though in JK I cannot imagine there was much you had to buy her)

Catty reply 1: "Wow, bet the beer store will will be selling lotsa cases tonight."

Yeah, because THOSE PEOPLE of course do not care and want what is best for their children. THOSE PEOPLE are just deadbeat drunks right?

Catty reply 2: "That is why they stay on the system, we encourage it"

50 dollars once a year encourages people to stay in a life of poverty?

Catty reply 3: It's not like their kids are going to need school to sit their asses home on welfare.

Yeah, but every kid dreams of the welfare life.

Okay, now, maybe you do not see the big fucking deal. Here it is. Those ladies' mother was in an abusive relationship with their father. After years of abuse she snuck her kids out in the middle of the night to a shelter. For a year she was on welfare while she got on her feet. These ladies owe possibly their lives, but most certainly the life of their mother to a system that allowed her to escape knowing her kids would not starve. There is a reason these services a are called a "safety net". It is not just a nice PC word. It describes what they system is in place for. So that unexpected events don't make you plunge to your end and go splat.

Now I am sure these ladies (who do respect and love their mother) would argue that her case was different. I am willing to bet every case is different. So rather than assume you know so much about that woman with the two kids who is on welfare, maybe trust that she has her reasons. And chances are, it is not because she can't miss "the Price Is Right".

Go to your doctor. Enroll your kids in school. Drive on those roads. Tax dollars, bitches! Just because they are using services you aren't does not make them free-loaders. Hells, C and I don't begrudge the tax dollars going to public school the kids we will never had will not go to.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I could not find a pic of one on the neck, hopefully that means there is only one guy quite that pathetic out there.
So what is the biggest douche bag tattoo you have ever seen?  I mean the one that would have you breaking off friendships, deny the best sex of your life, deny a family member.  I saw a guy on the weekend, who, in large letters on his neck were the stylized words "Hard Core".  Really, a clear cut sign that he was not.  What the fuck was he thinking?  He may as well have "low self-esteem" or "small penis" branded on his forehead.

I swear to god, to represent his true nature:

Now do not get me wrong, I love the expression of self in tattoos.  It is when people use them in place of an actual personality, or like they are an accomplishment in themselves that I think, FUCK ME, have you got your priorities screwed up.
Because I get my self esteem off being a canvas for someone else's art.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My friends

They are going to get me in trouble.
Last night I was asked to go out with my friends.  I did not go.  Have I mentioned that my friends are assholes?  They went out.  Without me:'(

Nah, I'm kidding.  I was good with it.  What was not cool was the number of pictures they sent me all fucking night of men's junk.  I mean, haha once or twice, but all fucking night?  Really guys?  I need a better quality of friends.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post vacatiion

I am back, but still feeling lazy as fuck.  We had a good time.  Relaxed, had fun.  Too much sun (C), too much drinking (me), so now it is slowly back to normal.  C, right now is looking for a new tattooist.  His friend who was doing his tattoo is going away for a couple of years.
   I don't know what it is, but ever since mid-last week I have been feeling very blah.  At first I thought it was that bitch of a heat wave (and yeah, it did kind of fuck with our vacation), but now I think it is just weird.  I should be energized and ready to hit the ground running, but I am not.  Maybe it is because of the news that C's best friend is going to be in jail for a while.  I mean, I don't like the guy, but C does not exactly have a lot of people in his life from when he was younger.  Part of me feels guilty, because I really don't like C hanging around the guy.  I know, I sound like one of those people who doesn't want their partner around anyone but them, but that really isn't it.  It is this guy in particular.  And here is why:
1.  He was C's best drinking buddy.  And call me odd but it seems like hanging around the folks you used to drink with might lead to, well, drinking again.
2.  He always talks about the "party days", and talks about C like he was a superhero to alcoholics everywhere.
3.  He makes digs at C about me.   About being gay period.  I cannot understand for the life of me how he can be friends with someone who is so fucking rude and lacks respect for him as a person.

    There, that is my rant.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The push to have children

In many ways I got lucky there.  Gay couples do not have that push to have children that straight couples do.  Sure, people will say things like "It's a shame you can't have kids", which is bullshit, but I generally do not reply.  Why?  Because people look at you like this:
When you say "I don't want kids."

I mean, how is it possible?  What kind of a monster are you?  Having children what the best thing I ever did with my life.  It is what we are put on this planet to do.  What is your ultimate purpose if not to breed?  

How selfish!

The argument to have kids tends to be linked to a lot of other societal bullshit too.  Like why gay's should not marry , or abortion should be illegal.  Let's examine a few:
It's different when it is your own: Yep, I love my brothers, best part: I give them back at the end of the day.

Your child could grow up to cure cancer: Sure, or be the next Adolph Hitler... the possibilities are endless.
People like you should have kids... wait... shouldn't people who WANT to have kids have kids?  And people who don't should NOT?
You were a baby once,too.  I can't even argue this logic:P
What about the family name?  Yeah, I don't think this argument is really valid anymore.
Who will take care of you when you are old?  Yeah, and it is those NOT having children who are selfish.  Reality check:Unconditional love is supposed to be something a parent gives, not expects back.  Have you ever MET a fucking teenager?
Yeah, I want this taking care of me in my old age.
What if your parent's hadn't had kids?  Ummm, then I would not be here... And?  Do you really think I am that big of an egomaniac that I think the world would be missing a major component without me?
The only reason to get married is to have children.  WRONG, children are not even part of the marriage contract.  
It's all worth it: TO YOU!  Good for YOU*
The biological clock is ticking- Really?  Because going out and having a kid is something you should do just in case you may want kids one day?
You change your mind... see above.
If everyone didn't have kids the human race would die out.... over 7 billion people on the planet, I think we're doing okay (if you don't count over-multiplying)
The bible.... yeah, let's not finish that one.
You forget the pain of labour and birth.... Does anyone really think this is what stops people from having kids?
People who don't want kids are selfish...  Well, I'm actually good with that.  Yes, I do not want kids because I feel they would get in the way of my goals.  Is that not an excellent reason NOT to have kids?
You aren't a real adult until you have kids... another thing I am good with.
Children are a woman's (person's) greatest achievement... How sad that we are still children that the best thing they will ever be is a baby machine.
Don't you want to give your parent's grandchildren?  Ummm, why?  They chose the size of their family, why should they have a say in mine?
IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD!  Well, fuck me, I agree it is ONE of the most important jobs in the world.  Like a brain surgeon, maybe it is time we realize not everyone is qualified and leave it to those who are willing, able, and wanting to take the time to do the job well.

What's the matter, don't you like kids?  Some of them.  I like that I give them back too.
The children are our future.  Yep, and there are more than enough to keep up the species.  We are in no danger of extinction through lack of breeding.
Don't you want genetic immortality?  Nope, I am not egotistical enough to think my genes offer so much more than everyone else's that humanity somehow needs it.

Nothing better than New baby smell.... well new car smell is pretty fucking awesome too;)
Aren't you curious to see what they would look like?  Wow, because nothing says great parenting like the excuse that you were just curious.

My all time fave was not on there though:

"But being a parent was the best thing I ever did in my life," or "I only wish I could have kids"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The bargain

   My friend Ali, she really is a genius.
   Her boyfriend is HUGE into comic-con and anime shit.  So he begged her to go to Comic-con, and sure enough she caved with the proviso that he went to Pride with her.  He probably would have come anyway, because he is a pretty cool guy.  Then he was begging her to dress in costume.
Yeah, she was so not into it.
He kept showing her costumes after costume...
Finally she said "Look, fine.  I will go to comic-con in what ever you want me to wear.... so long as YOU wear whatever I want when we go to pride."

Yeah, so she is not wearing a costume to Comic-con.

Though I wonder what she would have made him wear:D 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Life's been good to me so far....

   Saturday night I made a rookie mistake. I cannot explain why. I am not a rookie. After two years I know what makes C tick. I know the hot buttons. I know how to avoid things like this.

Let's take you back. C was watching a concert on television. Now, I actually enjoy listening to this while I am reading. Now, we have an agreement. Well, okay, not so much as an agreement, as I have trained Chris. See, when we used to “watch concerts” together here was the dialogue.

C- Oh wow, look at that guitar.
Me- Uh huh.
C- You aren't looking.
Me- I did, it's a cool guitar

Side note here, Jamie knows shit about guitars... or wants to.

Two minutes later:
C- Look at how he does that, J.
Me- uh huh
C- No really look, see how he......*insert guitar player speak here*

This goes on, I shit you not, for the entire concert. The first time... well, we were still at the stage where I thought his little idiosyncrasies were cute. Yeah, that one wore on my nerves pretty fucking fast. By the second concert, about half way through I snapped, but then I came out looking like the asshole. So the third concert as soon as he started, one minute later I would say “Hey C listen to this” and read something excited out of my text books. It took about 5 times, every time he would interrupt me with insistence to look I would follow it a minute later with reading aloud. Finally I think he clued in.... Yeah, I give about as much about guitar playing as C does about veterinary medicine.

So with all that training you think I would be more careful. I made a comment on Joe Walsh, and how I liked his style. I even compared him to C's hero Clapton. Doh.... Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.... All day Sunday was spent trying to teach me the key points to the guitarists, how they differ, what their styles are, what they play......

Rookie mistake.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I can't believe I said that....

I have a habit of pointing out first world problems when my friends bitch. Not to be a dick, they do it too. It is just funny how often you do bitch about them.
I actually told C.... I told you we need a bigger fridge. I can't fit the beer in with all the leftovers.... Yeah, first world problems.... Damn! He got me.
With the crazy bitch Mother Nature PMSing on Sunday we cancelled our BBQ, for the most part, which left us with a ton of food that had to be cooked. Not to mention several cases of beer.

Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm pretty sure my baby brother is a genius

He may only be 2, but holy shit is the kid bright.

First: He plays chess.  No, not he plays with the pieces... he fucking knows the names of each piece (sadly his older brother can not claim the same, but castle and horse should BE what they are called), how each piece moves.  He hasn't won any games yet, but hell, I've never won against my dad either.  So sadly our records are kind of tied.
Second: My mother is on him about ordering things for himself.  Expressing himself.  On a flight home the flight attendant asked my mother what he wanted to drink he replied "Pepsi, no ice, please".

Third: He is nobody's fool.  While in my car he started playing with the window button.  Up, down, up, down, up, down.... you get it.  Well when I was able to distract him with horses I clicked on the window lock.  When he went back to the window and gave a sigh of frustration I said "SOrry, they must be broken", he glared at me and replied "No you locked them like Daddy does."

Finally: When we aren't sure what he is and is not allowed to do he will say "Mommy says yes" or "Mommy says no", as to what he is usually allowed.  When my mother told him he had to have a nap.  "Mommy says no."  "I am Mommy you little shit."

Close Case-man, but no cigar.  That was a rookie error.  You can't uses mommy says on mommy.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


I grocery shop a lot.  I prefer things that have not been frozen so generally every couple days I hit the grocery store.  Now, I refuse to go to the stores with the quarter deposit.
Now I know, what is the big deal, right?  But I find this system more than a little insulting.  First off it presupposes that I am too fucking lazy to put things back where they belong (shut up C).  But as if that weren't bad enough they think I am so fucking cheap that a quarter is going to motivate me.

I know they say it saves us money.  Well sure, I guess they can save you three cents on the jumbo package of toilet paper by not spending the money to pay someone to gather those carts.  Yep, that is a job that is no more.  I won't use self check outs either, or shop where they have them.  Slowly but surely our "convenience" and money saving tips are causing higher unemployment, and to tell you the truth, well, it pisses me off.  And as for passing the savings down, really?  More people unemployed, on assistance, and guess whose fucking taxes go up? Where is my three cents on toilet paper really getting me ahead.  I tend to shop at Sobey's.  24 hours, where they bag your groceries for you, don't hold my quarter hostage, and they fucking smile and are pleasant.  Why?  Perhaps because they are not stuck making minimum wage as management tries to make them redundant.

   Yeah, I wasn't sure where I was going with this rant either...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Le sigh

Some times people are exhausting.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my best friend.  I have literally known him my entire life.  His parents and my parents were friends before they even had us.  That being said, I have begun noticing the changes.  For one thing, he is always at some stage of drunkenness.  I don't mean to be a judgmental prick, but if we are going some place he can't drink, he won't go.  Now I've always known Jake likes to party.  But there are signs that definitely worry me.

How do you tell someone you partied with that he is totally out of control?  Should you?  Thing is, he and his cunt of a girlfriend, well that is what they seem to do.  They get drunk every night.

C thinks I should just stay out of it, but this is someone I have known my entire life.  What kind of a friend sees someone headed over a cliff and doesn't shout a warning?

Anyone with any advice?  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Carbon footprint my ass

   I must have looked stupid, that is the only thing I can think of. There is no other explanation for how these people really thought I would buy into their program....

Knock knock Hello, sir. I know you, like most of us, are very concerned about he environment.

:Well yes, I am. (Hoping no one realizes the three cars in the driveway belong to the two people in this apartment).

: Our company is here for people like you. Responsible people who want to reduce, if not eliminate their carbon footprint.

Now I am not a complete Jerk. I am all for reducing my carbon foot print and all that shit, but eliminate.... yeah, I am not a vegan tree hugger either.

: For $25.00 a month our company ensures that all the energy you use in your home comes from renewable resources. (Sounds good until my brain actually kicked in)
: How?
She blinked at me for a minute, like she was shocked I would ask. :Well, we make sure all the power coming in to your home comes from wind, or solar power.

:Yeah, but how? As far as I know there is no possible way to separate my power from everyone elses.

: But you reduce your carbon footprint...

:Is the money used to support the growth of renewable energy?

: Well, no, we just... We make sure all the energy you use comes from renewable resources

: So basically on paper I am a good green consumer, but I'm just passing off my carbon footprint to others?

To the girl who I probably ruined her ideal summer job of helping the environment: I really am sorry, but I'm not paying you $25.00 a month to pretend I am helping the environment.
Going green is the new religion.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


   Okay, now that I am home for the summer a few things have changed.  One, we let go our cleaning lady.  Wow, don't I sound so uber posh.  Okay.... we stoped the two hours she comes to our house to dust, wash floors, etc.  It's not like we don't clean up after ourselves, but with C working up to a 72 hour work week and me busy with school we decided we did not want to spend what little spare time we had cleaning.  Well, technically C didn't.  I would maybe dust once a year if it were up to me.  But C does have bad dust allergies so he is much bigger on regular upkeep.
   The thing is... I hate having someone in my space.
   I fear my privacy being invaded.  I have considered one of these:

   If you have read my blog before you may have noticed I have a tenancy to be
A tad possessive.  Never more true than when I feel my privacy is invaded.  I do not let people go through my phone, my pictures on my phone or camera, my browser history.  And I sure as fuck hate some woman I do not know peeking in my closets and drawers.  
C thinks it is ego to think that someone is going to snoop.  After all, what makes me so fucking interesting?

So a question for you all... Have you ever snooped?  

I have been tempted a few times.  Once I was "allowed" to go on a website to leave a message and snooped around, but that was not spying on personal things.

Personal shit.... not so much.  Probably because the one time I did, searching for a razor, found in my dad's shaving kit picture of my mom.  (And I really DON'T want to talk about that).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bosses can be such ass holes

Not all bosses are ass holes.

 I really hate employers who feel superior to their employees. After my experiences with cunt-face last year I really started to hear some horror stories about how some employers to treat their employees who are “lucky” enough to have a job. First, it is not luck. It is work and perseverance that gets a person a job. No one ever knocked at my door and offered me work. No one ever paid me to watch The Price is Right in my boxers. We get a pay check because we do the work.
My friend has a boss that tries to give “friendly advice on how to get ahead in life”. His advice is to put half of each paycheck in the bank. She makes 12 dollars and hour and is a single mom.... right. But he constantly gives her advice, like she was living like a millionaire and tossing money out on designer names. I know when he does this she feels like she has to tolerate it because he is her boss. But you know the only commentary your boss should make in how you spend your pay cheque... none.
C's boss is a piece of work. He treats the guys under him like they are a bunch of idiots and anyone could do their job. His favorite joke is “what do you say to someone with an IQ of 50? Nice weld.” Cue obligatory laughter. He also has a habit of asking in front of the other workers if one of them is retarded, leading to nice names like Short bus, and comments like “Where is your helmet?” They point to their welding helmet, “No not that one, that one.” Fucking stunning wit, huh? Amazing he is not on stage doing stand up. C just says if he wants to pay an idiot what he pays him, C will gladly play the idiot and laugh all the way to the bank.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hemlock Grove review..... kind of.

So I am hooked on the Netflix series.
It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I have decided the two lead men would look so freaking hot together.... no....not at all.

 Peter up above, played by Landon Liboiron and Roman played by Bill SkarsgĂ„rd.  Now Bill may look a little familiar to you.

Look down, his brother Alexander from True Blood.  ahhhhhh, Celebrity crush overload.  But the truth is Bill reminds me of someone else.  Someone who I find unbelievably sexy in a way I cannot understand.  Look down, way down

Steve Buscemi.  Don't ask me why, I have strange taste in men, but I find him unbelievably sexy, especially when I was younger and still really into older men.

Oh, right.  And the show Hemlock grove.... about werewolves and vamps and other supernatural forces or something or another.  But did you look at the lead actors?