Sunday, September 23, 2012


Okay, I admit it was pretty arrogant of me to assume that school would be like University.  To assume I could float through.  To assume I even belong there.  I feel utterly lost.  Overwhelmed.  I am so grateful that I  am not working, or I would not be able to cope.  Sometimes I feel guilty about C paying for all our living expenses, but realistically I think if I felt more tired or stressed C might smother me in my sleep.  I'm just hoping this is a temporary culture shock.
I am still looking for apartments, but.... kind of.  Truthfully, I love our place, and the 45 minute to an hour commute is not that bad.  So far everything I have seen in Guelph around my price range is really small, or utter crap.  Anything even close to what we have and I'd be looking at almost double the rent we pay here.  Plus it's nice having a backyard with Chloe.  Nelson, well, he's a cat.  He'll go anywhere and take it over.  But, the upside here is we have a perfect spot for his litter.  In all honesty, this feels like home.  I like coming home every day.  I like cooking in my big kitchen.  I like having an extra room for C's guitar, and to keep Buttercup, because C is convinced she will get out of her home and kill him in his sleep.  HONESTLY, he's had nightmares when she was in our room.
On Thursday I called my first boss and asked him if he felt the same way when he went through.  To which he replied "Why do you think it's four years, dumbass."  So, I guess that makes me normal, LOL.

Cute pic of my weekend:)  At the beach.  She's getting so big already.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A broken wrist versus a broken nail...

   Okay, so we went to a stag party on Friday night.  People were totally shit-faced.  So C and I were sitting on the side of the balcony.  One of the shitfaced masses fell into my stool knocking me forward into the table. The table which was metal came down until it stopped on the metal railing of the balcony.  Our ears were spared the horrendous noise of metal on metal by C's arm.  There was however  a very loud snap of bone on metal.  There is nothing quite like being slightly more than slightly drunk in the emergency waiting room.  Anyway, today C has to go to get on his hard cast.
   Thankfully the story ends that no one else was hurt.  Except for Ali.  It was Sunday morning she whined at me that she broke a nail.  So every time C complains about his wrist I just tell him to think of poor Ali's manicure.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I love my friends

Ali comes over with her friend.... and I don't remember her name.  I blame the two-four.  Anyway, we drank a few, and Ali was showing me this guy she dated while on vacation.  Apparently she met him the first day and they were inseparable.  She shows me this picture of him on the beach.... he was totally fucking hot.  So after I ask her if I can see the picture again.  "Just so I'll remember for later..."
   Ali is laughing like a lunatic and her friend finally got what I said.  "That's a terrible thing to say about a guy your friend likes..." she said with outrage.
   "Aww, don't worry about it.  His boyfriend has been in my spank-bank since the night they met."

Fuck I missed her:D