Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work "issues"

So I went to my work, and asked one of the vets if I could talk to one of them about getting a letter of recommendation, since I want a job in a similar field. Too much to hope for? Probably, but no chance in hell without a reference. Anyway, I got a call asking me to come in to discuss the "issues" going on. I was not, until now, aware there were issues. so fuck, maybe there are reasons other than an hour hog fellow employee sucking up my hours. This can't be good. So far, my day sucks.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another whiny post....

Okay, The other experienced part timer where I work three months ago became a father. So now he is constantly sucking my hours from me. Okay, I get you have a kid to support. But I did not knock up your 16 year old girl friend. I get you are trying to do what you define as the "right thing", but it should not be at the cost to my pay checks. I have been very patient, but I just had my ONLY two shifts for next week taken away from me and given to him. The one time I complained he put on this hurt face and said "Well, not all of us have parents who can pay for our education". Well, boo fucking hoo, that does not make my work any less valuable. It does not make my living expenses non existant. This means I cannot afford to put money on my cell, or afford freaking gas to get back and forth to school this week. Ugh, feel better after getting that off my chest. Not that it will help. Time to start looking for another job I guess :(

The Eleventh Commandment

Dad: so did you learn anything new at school CJ: No, we watched a movie on ancient civilizations. Back in the ancient days this guy hit a rock and waters came down and he could turn a staff into a snake.... OMFG, my dad went ape shit. Stupid teacher putting on the Ten Commandments as a historical movie? Seriously? In the public school board. Now I don't know if I ever expressed how Anti-Religion my dad is. He comes from a very Roman Catholic family and will not even step foot in a church for weddings, funerals and do not even bother to ask him to attend the church sacraments like first communion and christenings or you get an earful. At some point in time between being an alter boy and meeting my mother he had a major falling out with the church, god and religious concept as a whole. So much so that he and my mother have never got married, not even a civil ceremony because to him it is still too close to a religious sacrament. Anyway.... while I would hate to be a member of the school staff today, I would love to be a fly on the wall....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner for one

So, here I go. Going out with a few friends. I fucking hate couples. Okay, I don't, I just wish it didn't always feel like EVERYONE was half of a couple other than me. Even my friend Ali, the only person with worst taste in men then me, suddenly has a boyfriend. *Sigh*. Dateless and pathetic, as Alex, who DOES owe me, has gone to visit her boyfriend. So why am I going? Right, committees and all that. The good news? Free food.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fucking car

My mom's car broke down. I cannot go back to the bus. I hate the bus. Filthy gross people with BO and loudly talking shit on their cells. Ugh. I forgot my bank card, went to get my XL double double and no freaking cash! My day sucked. I thought I may go out tonight but talked myself out of it. My friend is in twon with his boyfriend. But I want other friends to meet the boyfriend first to make sure he isn't a total douchebag.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

almost got in an accident

So I took my brother over to the mall to get my mother a present. On the way back some idiot whips out of the parking space where I am. A blast of horn had him stop like half and inch from my bumper. I did my civic duty and with a flurry of hand gestures and shouts I expressed my dissatisfaction with his driving skills.
So we go home, my mom is gushing and CJ says "We almost got hit by a douche bag." Uncomfortable silence as two sets of accusing eyes fall on little old me. "That is not an appropriate thing to say," Dad sends a glare my way. Little shit ratted me out... or so I thought...

"That's what you call the drivers who make you mad," CJ tells him. OMFG! My bro is awesome!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Growing up, peter pan had the right idea

I don't wanna, and you can't make me!
Well, official word is On April 11th my mom is scheduled in for a c-section. One more month of my crazy interrupted life before I get back to my general life of no ties:D Life is good. Baby is healthy and mom is doing just fine, uh, besides losing her mind on bed rest. What these last months have taught me is I am spoiled rotten. I always figured I was such an important role in the family... I don't do shit. And truthfully, I am lazy enough to like it. But it has also taught me how much my freaking parents do... I am so never having kids.
Had a fight with the new man in my life, and had wonderful make up sex after. Almost worth the fight. Back to the grind. Come on April 11!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Most embarrassing moment ever

I've had a few. But the worst one, OMG. I was on line.... navigating... single handedly, if you catch my drift. And, my mom walks in with a basket of laundry. Well, dropped the laundry and ran out of the room. I was yelling about fucking privacy, ffs, but that was bluster, because I thought I would never be able to look at my mother again.
Geez, after that no wonder I had such a complex about being caught with anyone. Bad enough I was caught alone:P
I have no idea why I chose to share that, but a thread in the coffeeshop reminded me of the moment and I seem to have no filter as to what pops in my head and then *BANG* on my blog.

SO go ahead and laugh. Right now I feel the embarrassment all over again, lol, but in a much funnier way.

Feeling the love

So I spent last night doing my paper, kinda. In between I kept popping in here, and pouting about Chris going out with his friends (none of them students), Bastards! GOt my paper done finally!
So anyway, I was just finishing up when I go on my email and have a conversation with a good friend. Cheered me up remarkably. Then Chris texts me that he is leaving early, and called me later. So I sat on the phone, communicating on line. Feeling the love, and going off on my day with a big smile despite a very busy day.
I love days where you start off so positive.
Going out on Saturday with Chris, unilt then, I'm hoping to get to pop in on him on my way home tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy day for the most part

Except I can't go out tonight due to horrible assignment:( So while my friends are out, I shall be working, working working. *SOB* On the plus side, Lasagne. Pasta goes a long way to making everything better. My comfort food.
I swear I will never take a history class again. Fuck! I hate papers.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pretty fucking annoyed.

So I'm not sure if I can be around tonight. See you later. If I settle down I may be back on later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Got in a fight with my dad

Okay, fight is a bit harsh, but he is not happy, yep, still about Thursday and Friday night. I don't get the big deal. Anyway, I will be home for the next couple of days because of the homework I really need to get to. Chris has asked me out for Wednesday night, hoping I can go. I just wish things were back to normal at home. I feel like everything at home is crazy and hectic as half emptied boxes are littered everywhere. I miss having my mom back to her usual self. How selfish is that? I am already jealous of my little brother for taking my mommy. Shit 20 not 2, this time I am the one that needs reminding. May seems a long way off.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Okay, I am back a little late, but notice the smile:)

Thursday was fucking amazing. I met Chris at the same club we met in. His friends were there and we all kind of just hung out. I danced with him a few times. I laughed a lot, drank a little. I don`t get drunk on dates. It`s just disrespectful to me. Anyway, around eleven we left to go to his place. I pretty much attacked him, LOL. I don`t know what got into me, I am not usually so sexually aggressive. But hey, he didn`t exactly beat me off... Oh, bad term, actually, that was later;)
Anyway, around three I woke up and got dressed. He woke up as I was getting dressed. Running off he called it. *snort* Just trying to avoid an awkward morning moment. He just looked at me and shook his head. ''we are adults. Adults don`t sneak off in the middle of the night, J''
I`ve never actually spent a night in the same bed with someone before. I mean with D I would spend the night, but I would crash on his roomate`s bed. But it kinda pricked my pride to imply that I was immature just because I don`t like to push my comfort zone. Plus, well, now that I am in my new room I don`t want to disturb the whole house when I come home. So I spent the night with him, in the same bed. And guess what, it wasn`t weird or awkward.
Anyway, in the morning I went home and got ready for school and went to school. Then he texted me about meeting up after school. So we did. Hung out and talked. He does decorative metal stuff, all original. Showed me stuff around his place. He is freaking awesome at it, and he does tattoos on the side. THe problem with artistic people is that... well you can all show iff, I don`t do shit. Anyway, spent another night there. When I got home mom bitched a bit, and my dad was HARPING on me. I took my brother swimming at the community center. On the way back I bought Timmies. And wouldn`t you know I freaking won on the rim (you non-canadians disregard as I am speaking Canuck) $100 tim`s card, that ROCKS. I love coffee.
So my parents are a little more chilled out now. Jeez, 20 not 2. But it`s all good now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tomorrow evening will be rianbow free in coffeehouse

I am out on a date. I will be back. Don;t cry for me. I will NOT be bringing back souvenirs;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moving house, oh yeah!

So my dad asks "Are you done packing?"
"Uh, almost"
"Movers are coming in the morning. You need all your personal stuff packed. Sheets off. wha wha wha wha wha wha"
Okay, I forgot all about it being march. Shit. I mean, we are moving literally 2 blocks away to a bigger house before the baby arrives. *Sigh* two blocks or cross country I don't wanna! Been in this house since I can remember. It has marks up the wall in CJ's bedroom of me growing until he arrived and I got my cool basement bedroom. Now my new room is supposed to be bigger. I haven't seen it yet, but it is upstairs. Shit, ever since I was 16I had my own entrance where I disturbed no one when I came in, now... at 20, I am back to creeping around at night and putting the tv on low.
I know, I whine, and it is small enough sacrifice to make. All I am saying is it better be a freaking nice room. On the up side the basement is unfinished and my dad says he will build me my own in-law sweet eventually. *sigh* No more sneaking out, not that I have had to since I was 18... but you know, the principal. And I could have snuck somebody in... well, not really, because having sex under my parents roof kind of weirds me out. I don't know how people get off on the thrill of almost getting caught. Nothing ruins a mood more to me than the thought of someone catching me with someone. My luck my mom would decide to do some noturnal laundry or something and .... Some things are just too horrifying.

Anyway, off to pack.

So I am out of whiney assed EMO fag mode...

I think I was channelling high school angst yesterday.
So, I had a paper to finish last night, which I barely got done. Yesterday I came home and crashed for about an hour or so and felt a lot better. I get so moody when I am running on next to no sleep.
Thanks for sticking with my bitchy self.