Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This could only happen to me.

So we decided to get another television.  Bell in our area is now offering the full wireless experience, providing of course you have a television that supports the technology.  C is out of town until Christmas eve. So I am trying to figure out what we need.... Well, okay, not need, but want.  So I go into an Electronic store.  I fucking hate hard core sales guys, so I latched on to the one softer touch female sales person who was much more about helping me decides rather than push whatever was giving the bigger bonus for sales.  I genuinely LIKED her, which is what makes this so much fucking worse.  (I wish to at this point say the other female on the floor was hard core sales person too, it is not a sexist thing)
   Anyway, we got along well, and she spent the time (which is a big deal this time of year) to make an informed buy, and I flirted my ass off to get a good deal.  (Yeah, I will flirt to save a few bucks, but we both knew I was doing it).  Finally it was done, deal good, she got her sale and commission.  it had to come from another store, so I had to pick it up the next day, and she would give me a call.
   Now here is where it all falls to shit.  I forgot my phone.  I left it plugged in, I was half way to Jake's before I figured it out, so I was not going back.  Spent the morning there helping his mother and him, I start to go home, and figure I would swing by to see if the television was in.  It was.... so I waited... and waited.... and waited when finally my sales lady says "Oh, it is showing on our system as picked up."  Bull fucking shit.  I lost my mother fucking mind, and another guy says "yeah he came in to pick it up."  And here I stand with my pick up and receipt, which you need to pick it up.  He shows me a reprinted receipt with a signature, not mine, but my name.  I showed ID, including my credit card it was bought on.  I was very definitely making a scene.  But yeah.... My stuff.... I told you.

The manager did come, and basically told me they would need to look through security to see if indeed someone else had picked it up.  So I had to wait until the next day.  I was fucking fuming.  Pretty sure I roundly cursed them all, and wanted my money baack righttttt fuckkkking nooooow!  Then the manager basically accused me of scamming them.  Of coming and picking it up them claiming later it was not me, because his staff ALWAYS demanded identification when the original receipt was not available.
I was so freaking mad, but I realized there was jack-shit I could do until they did check the surveillance.  SO I went home.... opened the door, and C is home.  The job got cancelled..... Oh fuck, the pieces fell into place.... quickly.  C got the call on my phone.  C picked up the television, and NO they did not ask for ID.  So.... it was a very embarrassed me that had to call the store and tell them what happened.  I can never go back there, which the manager more or less suggested anyway, in case my making a total cunt of myself didn't make me  to embarrassed to.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Driving my brother

We were driving through Brantford on the Wayne Gretzky parkway. CJ asks if Wayne had brothers, I know he had at least two. I asked why. He asked: "wouldn't it just suck to have like a totally epic icon as a brother, and you were just like everyone else."
"Geez, kid, I'm sorry, it must be tough to be my brother"
"No Jamie, epic, not just in your own mind."

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My morning savior

So, I never claimed to be bright. On my way into school I shot in to grab a coffee because I forgot to set the timer on the coffee maker. Fucking freezing out, but no line, so I left the car running, locked the doors, and off I went.... Yeah, left the car running and locked the doors. I got up to order when I realized what I did. I bolted to the car,hoping to run fast enough to turn back time.
I got back to the car and realized my door was still unlocked. Apparently, love the strings for mittens my car is idiot proof. I can't lock my door while the car is running, unless I do it from the outside with a second key.
Thank fuck for that feature, or I would be screwed. I love my car<3

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shopping, and cleaning...

Why do I look forward to the weekend again?  To relax?  To unwind?  No, to fucking clean and do holiday shopping.  I am using credit in hopes that I will pay it off with the money I am going to make over the holidays.
Why do people always say "Oh, I don't need anything" when they know you are broke.  I fucking hate that.  I gotta buy you something anyway, why not just tell me something that is within my price range rather than have to guess at what to get you, and waste money on something you are going to fucking hate?
I made out golden withe my parents thatnks to 75% off at Bombay company sale, and got a beautiful mantle clock for $50.  My mother loves the Bombay companies shit, so I'm sure she will love it.  I got my brother CJ a fifty dollar playstation card (okay it's lazy, but it is something he will use).  And for the drool boy, I got him one of those easels and chalk board with paints and shit.  My mother will love that one.  He isn't the swiftest with knowing what not to draw on.   But at least with washables (unlike the permanent marker he drew all over himself with the last time I was babysitting, before then sucking the ink dry) at least it will be easier to hide the evidence.
I have no fucking idea of what to get C.  What do you get a technophobic, fashion disaster?  *le sigh*. Well off I go to empty the dishwasher. Lucky along the way I will pass the fridge, and the lovely treat I bought for myself;)