Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deep thoughts of Saturday morning

As I sit here watching the Littlest Hobo (yep, I'm so Canadian I got maple syrup running through my veins) in my Sponge Bob sleep pants, eating a bowl of Capt'n Crunch it occurs to me that being a grown up is not so very different than being a kid.  Just me?  I don't know, when C is not here on the weekend I feel like a kid with a snow day, when the parents go off to work and leave you all alone:)

C is working another crappy weekend.  Three days in fucking Nunavut.  Who the fuck goes to Nunavut in January?  Seriously!  Right now, where he is working it is -39 degrees, which is close to where celcius and farenheit are the fucking same.  I don't know why that really makes it colder in my mind, but hey, work with me.

I get that you gotta work where you gotta work, but C VOLUNTEERED for this.  He actually wanted to go.  Why the fuck would you want to work outside in a place where there is no sun for 24 hours a day?  WHY?  Bragging rights, so he can say he did it.  I am sleeping with an idiot.

To give the coordinator at his job credit she tried to talk sense into him.  She actually said "you know it is really cold there."  "Yeah, I know."  "No like REALLY cold."  "Yes, I own a globe."  So the insane man packed all his warm gear, which I think will not be as effective as it is here, and off he went.  Tomorrow night (hopefully) he will be back, and know a new meaning to the word COLD!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I forgot about the big purchase of a tassimo coffee machine. C and I are on weird schedules, so generally brewing a pot of coffee is just a waste, so he got this brilliant idea of the single use Tassimo brewers. They are quick, and ours was on for cheap, but the coffee things are really fucking expensive and IMHO, a huge waste of money.... Until I had the Chai Latte! Better then Starbucks or second cup. My problem is they taste like another cup.

So, my first product review, two thumbs up to tassimo, their lattes are delicious, and though expensive ($10.00 for 8 cups) still cheaper than Starbucks.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Shopping in hell, Err ,Walmart

I admit to a Walmart snobbery. And it is not like I never shop there, but when I do I tend to feel really crappy about it. But at Christmas time c and I were given $500.00 worth of Walmart gift cards. I guess the thought is you can buy anything there. So we finally we went to the pits to spend, because, lets face it, $500.00 is a lot of money.
I had specifics. C is on a health food kick and it has nothing to do with the 15 pounds he packed on over his Christmas vacation; except it has everything to do with it. So I grabbed some wok type frying pans, and an electric wok, and a ricer. I also grabbed a deep fryer and completely fucked the health kick by making my famous deep fried pepperettes, if you have never tried them DO! They are fucking awesome with mustard, or better yet Dijon mustard, because I am all super-fucking-sophisticated;).
After we finished at hades we went to a few markets. I love markets, but they are funny around here because each market has a very defined purpose. Downtown is a farmers market, so foods, and some knit clothing, and homemade baked goods by one of my Nonna's old neighbor. I really love to see her but it is tres awkward as she seems to want to fatten me up in the 15 minutes I stand there, and won't take my money or no for an answer. She shovels cookies and cakes and tarts at me. I got around a strawberry and rhubarb pie (yuck), by pleading C's "diet".... Ummm , yeah, he is not, I repeat NOT on a diet, just a resolution to eat healthier.... Uh huh.
Another market is.... Well, lets just say frm the parking lot you can get singed, because 90% of the shit is hot. Like panel Tvs with no bases, because they were stolen off the walls. Knock off fashions, yeah, real D&G sunglasses for $5.00, I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. Oh,and of course the table of pirated movies, for those too lazy to pirate them yourselves.
A couple blocks over is the flea flea market. One that is likely to give you fleas. Old, gross, disgusting kids toys from 20 years ago, not washed, and clothes that make you think "damn, a mullet would make that outfit look better".
Finally we have, okay, technically no longer in my city, but this old barn antiques market. It is about 5 buildings (mostly old barns), and lots of outdoor tables. Mostly junk, but some actual antiques, by far my fave this side of Brantford. I picked up a cedar chest there a few weeks ago. It looks like shit, but for a few fairy tale moments I thought : I'm good with tools, I can strip it down and stain and varnish the wood. Yeah, not so much. C has threatened to throw it out if I don't do something with it, and it actually smells a bit. Smells like a bad decision to buy that is:P
For home and found out that my television actor crush (damn the things I would like to do to that man) was over at one of our malls. *Le sigh*. I missed him:'(

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just a bitch

   There is nothing quite like the holidays and an upcoming new year to really make a couple look at each other and want to choke the ever loving shit out of your partner communicate the improvements you are both going to make mostly him for the continued good of the relationship.  Now most people can probably do this calmly and maturely.... most people are not me.  And hell yeah, I can go queen.
Let me take you too the scene.  I worked Christmas day, after leaving my parents' home, we stopped home, I started the dishwasher, before going to work, Leaving C to his day.  I get home after a 12 hour shift.  The counter has literally his breakfast lunch and dinner dishes on it, and several glasses and mugs.  Did I bitch?  No, I did not.  I calmly (yet loudly) emptied the dishwasher.  Then rinsed his plates and calmly put them in the dishwasher.  Poor C, he really does not have any survival instincts that day as I was closing the dishwasher and said "I could have done that...."
Now let me say, I do the Kitchen shit, because I do all the cooking.  So most of the time it is easier for me to do it.  BUT when I work a 12 hour shift and you've been sitting on your fucking ass all day, when your realize that the dishwasher needs emptying, but instead you put your dishes on the counter.....

But you get the point.  This was not a one off.  He actually called me working one day and asked if I made him anything for supper.  So, the feeling underapreciated and taken for granted had been building.  And I did mention that it would be nice to come home to a meal I didn't have to make, he suggested ordering pizza.

Me?  I'm going to let him live, that was my improvement.