Saturday, May 3, 2014

Please and thank you

This may just be me but I find the term "please and thank you" ridiculously rude. No not "please" and "thank you", but "please and thank you". Probably because it is generally said among the most ridiculous and ignorant requests.Sometimes even some very reasonable requests, if they were, in fact requests, perhaps I may consider such things if ASKED, when ordered using "polite words", yeah, not so much.

Last time, the one that inspired this post.
A lady ahead of me :
"Uh, excuse me, I have a sleeping child in my cart, so if I could go ahead of you, please and thankyou," as she maneuvered her cart around me. Okay, I am not going to even mention how much  despise parents who seem to think the world should revolve around them because they decided to reproduce. Wow, totally did not mean to put that in italics, though it fits, so I'll keep it. Little Freudian there. But how fucking dare you decide you can just bi-pass a line when it is convenient for you. Your please and thank you was not polite, it may as well have been an "out of my way bitch", in fact, I may at least applaud your honesty more.

Working in a service industry guarantees that you will hear this a lot.
"I won't be able to get off until 5. So I'll be by at 6ish to pick her up, please and thank you." - from a client after being told that she would need to pick up her cat before three the day after she was spayed. How do these people manage in a world full of "hours of business" that may not be 100% conducive to your schedule? Do you really expect everyone to stick around for hours after their shift to make sure your schedule is not juggled?
I am sure I have about another dozen examples, but I think right right now I am going to go slide back into bed with Chris and sleep my morning away, if you will forgive me, please and thank you;)


  1. This is so true Jamie, I can never understand when someone thinks they have the right to move ahead because of .... whatever. I see it at work, someone calls in, needs something done immediately and they expect you to change all the rules just for them...

    I am on a blog break but I am still reading and I always enjoy reading your thoughts :)

  2. Jamie... I wanted to thank you for the comment, I love your approach and that you say it like it is... nothing wrong with being high maintenance...:) (I won't be settling for crap... I do know I am better than that... it's nice that other people feel the same way... now just to find a guy worthy of me... lol )

  3. Rude is rude. No matter how it is couched.

  4. I don't think I've ever heard that phrase use. Maybe it's hasn't reached my neck of the woods yet.

    I wonder how I'll react to it, especially now that I'm going to be listening for it...