Monday, January 31, 2011

I hate this month

Fighting off and on with the bf. Now down with a cold. I was supposed to spend the weekend in my bfs dorm, but could not, had to babysit my lbro, my mom is in the hospital with a kidney infection. I love CJ, he is a really cool kid, but OMFG, if I have to see one more "funny" youtube clip and pretend to laugh at the stupidity I may have to murder someone. 11 yo kids have a fucked up sense of humour. I am thinking he may have been dropped on his head in infancy and it is all now coming to the surface.
Anyway, not sure whether to be pissed or happy about the aborted weekend. Me and D have been at each other constantly. One of my friends calls it the f-f stage, where you are either fucking or fighting. I asked him what stage comes after, but he has never survived it. Isn't that heartening? So maybe this saved me a weekend of sniping at each other, but it also damned me to a weekend of romancing the palm. Not quite as much fun as I was hoping to have.
Anyway, have 2 papers due, so I am taking a mental health day. I have the house to myself for once, so cranking up the tunes and getting a jump on those.