Monday, January 31, 2011

Twice in one day

Amazing, and a true testamony as to how little I want to write my paper.

So I've been cruising the web, getting in places I normally can't... he he, when the cat is away...

But I came across a question of whether it is easier to get laid if you are gay. I gotta say no. Sure, okay, like 10% of the popultion is "homosexual". A large percentage are lesbians, and I mean running rampant. Lesbian is the new black. You cannot go wrong, apparently.

So that gives you straight guys like a 9x more likely chance that you will find someone who wants you. Then there is this stereotype that gay guys are slutty and will fuck anyone else with similar inclinations. Okay, an earned rep, but trust me, those girls out there are every bit as slutty. Sure, you stand the chance that the girl at the bar with her tongue down your throat may be hiding that purity ring that will ensure you of a blowjob, but not more than that. But for the most part, if she is working you in the bar, you are going to get some. Difference that probably (in my experience, vicarious, that is) she will want a bed and something after, where guys are... well guys. Slutty girls don't want to be perceived as slutty. Guys really don't really label like that. Getting laid in a washroom stall, or in a motel room or in a car.... it's getting laid. It's all good.

I think in general guys are just more honest. A hook up with another guy is not going to include anything after the sex. If mutually enjoyed we may exchange numbers... but no waiting by the phone for him to call, because we have wrong numbered plenty of other okay guys. Not that it has ever happened to me (yeah, right).


  1. I'd rather be lesbian than be married to my husband.


  2. It's true. Girls go in with expectations; guys know how it is. Maybe I'll come a knockin' for your perspective some time – if my new blog picks up!