Tuesday, July 3, 2012

c's food poisoning

So for a bit i tried to listen to him telling me he was fine.  But fuck, have you heard your love fucking throwing up shit his Great  Great Great Great Great Great Great grandfather ate?   shit, it was nasty, so I stayed and spent two days cleaning puke from EVERYTHING.  oh my fucking god, I have never seen anyone that fucking sick,  Not ever.
C only threw up 8 times today.  Tomorrow he thinks he may be okay for work... I think not.


  1. Poor C I had mild food poisoning once it was horrendous I so wanted my mum, I hope he feels better soon. x

  2. Ouch, I've also once had food poisoning but luckily it was not that bad and lasted for a day. Hope he's going to feel better soon.

  3. yikes! by now, i'm assuming he's feeling much better. i wish i knew this as it was happening. i have great resources from food poisoning, as i've had it twice and one of those times landed me in the hospital.

    i sure hope all is well now xoxo