Sunday, July 1, 2012

Only in my town

So, I'm in line at the corner store to pick up some milk.  A head of me is a old woman.  I mean old.  Hump on shoulder, gotta be 85 if she is a day.  She is getting two bongs.  Yes, bongs.  REALLY?  I was wondering if maybe she just thought they were lovely artistic pieces.... then I notice she is also buying a shit load of candy, and some chips, prepared for the munchies.  LOL!  I guess some things you never out grow.

I had to laugh at this one, to all those idiots on facebook twitter and blogger who say they will move to Canada if Obama is re-elected.


  1. I need to take my ass to Canada. I got theists coming out of my ears here! Where I live there is a block with three churches on it! Here every denomination is represented and depending where you go there will be at least two churches per block you walk.

  2. I wish Obama was our prime minister... Americans are so silly.

    I am grateful I am a Canadian, grateful for the diversity to be me.

  3. Can't wait till I get to Canada!

  4. i live that granny was bong shopping, and one was not enough... and that your corner shop sells bongs. plus.