Sunday, September 23, 2012


Okay, I admit it was pretty arrogant of me to assume that school would be like University.  To assume I could float through.  To assume I even belong there.  I feel utterly lost.  Overwhelmed.  I am so grateful that I  am not working, or I would not be able to cope.  Sometimes I feel guilty about C paying for all our living expenses, but realistically I think if I felt more tired or stressed C might smother me in my sleep.  I'm just hoping this is a temporary culture shock.
I am still looking for apartments, but.... kind of.  Truthfully, I love our place, and the 45 minute to an hour commute is not that bad.  So far everything I have seen in Guelph around my price range is really small, or utter crap.  Anything even close to what we have and I'd be looking at almost double the rent we pay here.  Plus it's nice having a backyard with Chloe.  Nelson, well, he's a cat.  He'll go anywhere and take it over.  But, the upside here is we have a perfect spot for his litter.  In all honesty, this feels like home.  I like coming home every day.  I like cooking in my big kitchen.  I like having an extra room for C's guitar, and to keep Buttercup, because C is convinced she will get out of her home and kill him in his sleep.  HONESTLY, he's had nightmares when she was in our room.
On Thursday I called my first boss and asked him if he felt the same way when he went through.  To which he replied "Why do you think it's four years, dumbass."  So, I guess that makes me normal, LOL.

Cute pic of my weekend:)  At the beach.  She's getting so big already.


  1. dog crapping on beach... too cute!

    1. SNORT, I swear to god she was not crappimg, but then you say that and damn, it sure looks like it.

  2. Sorry Nikki I accidentally erased you comment. Stupid iPhone. Yeah, she's a doll, other than the puppy breath:P

  3. Be patient with school, don't give up:)

    I put up with a 45 minute travel or more a day each way, I am so done with moving though.... unless my 'D' asked me to...

  4. I'm sure you'll get use to school soon. It just takes a little adjusting. This time next year you'll be running things.

    Good quality housing with all your personal needs are hard to find in London (maybe you have more choice where you are) so make sure you're 100% with moving, especially as you said you really liked where you are now. My friend moved to a beautiful brand new home but within weeks the anti-social behavior of the other tenants was a nightmare.

    Got to say, I too thought the dog was loosening it's bowels on the beach, so had to look twice. Cute dog though with floppy ears.