Friday, November 30, 2012

Like a bad smell

I linger and won't go away.
Thanks all for your good wishes, and yes, my darling Nonna is well enough now to drive my cousin insane. My cousin A is pregnant (sucker), and my Nonna is beyond thrilled. So the timely news I think really helped her from being depressed at the new doctor imposed restrictions on her. To tell the truth it seems like EVERYONE is having a kid right now. Isn't this something that should happen in your thirties, not twenties? The whole everyone is having a kid thing?
C has been driving me nuts. Not in usual oh so sweet I want to choke the fucking shit out of you way either. He was given a truck for work, which is awesome because his car is a piece of shit. We actually had someone come to our door off the street offer to scrap his car for$200 I think they would lose. Anyway, for this truck C was asked to get his red seal. This is journeyman papers. Well, the actual welding end he was fine. But now he has four books to study before this test. I mean this should work, two people studying away....
Now when I study I tend to tune things out, and let the world go on around me. C needs total and complete silence. TOTAL, like Nelson cleaning his ears will earn him a glare, for the noise. And , fuck me, what a bitch. I get that school and studying we're not his thing, but fuck... Lighten up already. I think I may go to my parents this weekend to give him the quiet he needs.... Yeah.... For him. I will also avoid the murder conviction.


  1. Haha, I so understand him. I also need complete silence when I'm studying/writing. Nelson cleaning his ears, lol.

    I'm glad to hear your Nonna is doing better. It'll be nice to have you back here.

  2. Happy to know she is doing okay!