Saturday, July 27, 2013

My friends

They are going to get me in trouble.
Last night I was asked to go out with my friends.  I did not go.  Have I mentioned that my friends are assholes?  They went out.  Without me:'(

Nah, I'm kidding.  I was good with it.  What was not cool was the number of pictures they sent me all fucking night of men's junk.  I mean, haha once or twice, but all fucking night?  Really guys?  I need a better quality of friends.


  1. You have an interesting class of friends Jamie... none of mine send me these types of pictures... I think I need new friends... lol

    1. That was too funny. That's exactly what I was going to say. PS: I am curious. I don't really find it attractive to see a guy's junk in a pic. Do you guys do?

    2. LOL, I could forward you some shots if you want Luanna;)

      MLB, You have obviously not spent much time in gay chat rooms and communities. Wall to wall junk shots:P I have two hard drives full of porn.

      Turth be told I started it off in my first year of university, when a buddy of mine had to study for an exam, but I sent him just one shot.

    3. I asked a straight girlfriend about it and she said plenty of guys she dated had sent her pictures of their junk. Never happened to me .... I am not sure what situation is the weird one anymore.