Monday, September 30, 2013

Man Flu

Yep, C had it.  OMFG, did he have it.  Generally he is not a whiner.... no really.  But sweet holy hell, this time it was like "My throat hurts my ears itch, it feel like I swallowed razor-blades, Am I hotter, am I hotter, am I hotter."  Heaven for-fucking-bid I mentioned in passing being tired.  OR having a head ache (hint hint as to what caused it).
I don't know what happened.  One year ago he was this stoic guy who would suffer in silence.... what happened to that guy?  
 Well it's over.

So this morning I woke up with a throbbing head and horrible throat.  Do you know what he had the unmitigated GALL to say?  "Jesus J I just had it for a week, you didn't hear me complain".

Are you fucking serious?


  1. Oh my goodness... I can't believe he said that... I sure hope you feel better soon Jamie :)

  2. I've only ever had the flu once in my entire life and man, did I think I was dying? Yes, I felt death was to commence but it didn't. I hope to never ever get flu again and I stay away from anyone who sneezes or looks ill. I've had many 'colds' but you sure do know when Mr Flu knocks on your door. I hope you recover soon. It took me weeks to get back to normal mate. Maybe I should hand out those white face masks to those on the buses who like to spread their germs all over the place.

  3. LOL! Poor you, don't feel bad about whinging when you're sick, it's one of the only perks you get, that and unlimited icypoles.