Saturday, November 2, 2013

I have lost my mojo

Meh, it happens.

So I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive:)

Went Christmas shopping for C today.  On a list of three things to get, managed one.... barely.  The other two things are no longer available.  So I gotta come up with some new ideas.  He is the hardest person to buy for.  To make it worse my mom wants me to come up with something she can buy him for christmas.


  1. Good to know you're still alive Jamie and well. I recently suffered the old writers block thing and I'm trying to keep the 'va va voom' going.

    Can't believe it's Christmas time already, this year has gone by so quickly. I don't do Christmas, so I don't have the stress of thinking about what to buy for each person. I've come across some good fun ideas in the past though. Things like having personalized calendars made up with pictures of different people in your life each month for 2014 ie: Jamie's pic for January, Mum's pic for Feb and so on. Maybe a surprise fast speed boat ride on the river, a helicopter ride over the city for an hours (one time expense but the memory will last a lifetime, unless you've done it before).

  2. Glad to see you posting again... thank you for your comment on my blog

    Good luck with the Christmas shopping for C... it's not easy... enjoy what you can ;-)

  3. wow didn't realize it has been this long since you gave us a life line.