Saturday, February 15, 2014

A belated happy Valentine's day.

Can it possibly be half way through February and my first post of the year? Man, I suck.  I've been, well, in a weird kind of place. I would say a funk, but that is usually a negative thing, and I am not in a negative place. Not really a positive either.  I guess I am in a nice comfortable rut.  C and I are very much becoming creatures of habit.  And it is a good thing. We have his work, my school, a schedule for studying, even regular places to go out.  The problem with this is, that it seems like any deviation from this schedule throws C into a frenzy.  Oh, yeah, nothing he likes better than knowing EXACTLY where he will be three weeks from Monday at 7:15PM.

It is my fault really.  Since school started back I have been lazy.  No, not just lazy.  FUCKING lazy.
Not that I have not been getting my shit done. It is just that I have not really made any effort to do new things.  To take us out of our comfort zone.  And let's face it, C ain't going to.  So tonight, when he thinks we are going to order Chinese and do a white load of laundry (because, yeah, Saturday night is when he does the whites, I mean, who fucking schedules that?) we will instead be going out to a sushi place we have not been to since we started dating.  We then are meeting up with my friends for a "Ghostwalk". Yeah, I know. Anyone who knows me know I don't believe in supernatural shit, but, it is also a historical tour of a very cool place, so when I was asked I thought it might be fun. Yeah, and free, because I am cheap.  Long story why, but hey, free is good.

I am hoping this is the start of a new thing.  Because schedules tend to make me lazy. Because I do follow them, then nothing else.  Bare minimum, that is like my super power.


  1. Whites on a Saturday? And there I was thinking I was crazy having my clothes 2" away from each other on the hangers inside the cupboards after they were colour co-ordinated, so it goes from white clothes to black clothes with shades in between.

    How did that ghost walk go? I sometimes go on walking tours and it's great fun finding out all the stuff around certain areas, and the history behind it. And hope that sushi was great.

    Nice to see you posting again and yes, the year is going faster than I can keep up with right now.

  2. Hey Jamie, I have been thinking the same thing... I have got into a bit of a rut... changing that up though too...

    Personally I am like you... I don't mind a bit of a schedule but I like just do things randomly when I am in the mood... I hope you had fun and free is always fabulous :)

  3. I find the best way to break out of a rut is to substitute meth for booze. In no time at all, you have strange exciting new "friends" and a few less teeth. What rut?

  4. So, I know I'm super late in commenting on this, but I'm procrastinating like four papers right now, and that last picture reeeeeally spoke to me XD

    Hope you're doing well.