Saturday, March 29, 2014

Inspiration from Stephanie

I read this post:

It really tapped into how I feel about relationships. More than once I have heard the words on a break up that they "wasted" the time with their former partner. I have always found this very sad. Is the value in a relationship only where it ends up? If you spend 2 years dating, living, loving another human being, does that time become worthless when you decide to move on without them?

Now I understand if someone lied about your relationship and where it was heading, but do we all just do things for the tomorrow?

I am not saying we should not plan for our future. Homework needs to be done. Bills need to be paid. I know I have to stop drinking at 10 if I want to get up at 6 sober(ish).  But it seems a little mercenary to devote your relationship to the bottom line.
   Well, I don't think living without regrets is possible. How can you live your life not wishing you had said something and didn't? Wishing someone  was in your life who no longer is? Wishing you had kept your mouth shut?  
But every person I have ever had a relationship with, for a time, I gained from that relationship, regardless of whether it was friendship, lover, boss, teacher or student. And when I have stopped gaining, when there was nothing else there, the relationship has come to an end. It happens. Does that sound mercenary? If I am not gaining by that relationship neither are they. People drift apart, where they are no longer people who can gain from each other.

   Maybe this is why people feel there time is wasted. But then you should not really feel that you wasted your time, because you never invested yourself. 
My all time favorite cheesy line:
Because time with someone who you love yourself with can never be wasted


  1. I love that last quote Jamie.... it is exactly how I have felt about the two people I have truly loved in my life... I loved who I was when I was with them...

    Thank you for your really kind comment on my blog :)

  2. So the time we spent together in the coffee shop did mean something to you?! (flip giggles like a school girl)

    1. Of course our dating meant the world to me. Then you went and left me for something called real life.

  3. A beautiful post Jamie. Even when someone lies or cheats, I think at some point there had to be love and so the whole relationship shouldn't be completely discarded as if it was a waste of time. We never know what will happen in a relationship, but there is always something to take away from it, whether it lasted two seconds, two months or two years. Loved the quote about not changing ... Just stopped trying to please you -:)