Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally got my one paper done

One to go, with a legit reason to stay home, storm on its way. With my mom in the hospital, I got to pick up the little man. I do not drive in the snow. I am a big old wuss when the white stuff starts flying. Usually not a big deal as I can crash in the dorm rooms of one of my friends, but with CJ, I have to be home after his hockey practice.
So I did, happily, manage to finish off my one paper, got a fair jump on the second. So why am I up at this ungodly hour? I could not sleep. Feels weird to have my mom sick. I guess I think she is like Chuck Norris:) Nothing can take the woman down. And before you say it, i know I am a cliche, a queer and a strong attachment to his mother. Yeah, yeah. I can't wait until she is home again.
I was talking to D until like 3 am. He is going through terrible strain with what he is going ot do after graduation. The job market here sucks ass, and he has student loans out his ass. I am lucky my parents take care of my tuition... shit I do not envy people their student loans, sure they have a lot more money for partying at the start of the year... but SHIT! To be that much in debt for the next ten years? No thanks.

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