Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wild Friday Night

So I went out last night. I had a fucking blast.  One of my friends from high school actually is working the bar now, which is awesome.  I don't know if he is just a REALLY bad bartender or if he was giving me free drinks, but either way I only paid for about every other drink, which made Jamie a very drunk boy.  C was laughing at me because he was getting charged every time he went to the bar, even for his, which is weird because they never charge the DD for non-alcoholic drinks.  Never.  So by the end of the night I was the one getting all the drinks off my "boyfriend".  We danced.  Ali ended up coming minus the bf, amazing how he is never able to make it out to the clubs with us.  He's a nice enough guy, but you would swear he thinks every gay guy is ready to jump him.  It kinda makes me laugh, and I would never say anything to him, but he is not exactly .... let's just say he is safe in his heterosexual world.  I find it kinda funny that Ali is that into him.  I figured she would go more for the metro-sexual look than red neck.  She even managed to get C to dance with her, which is not easy.  He is not big into dancing.  Except when he knows it is going to get something out of it.  SO we got home around two in the morning, and he had to get up at four-thirty.  I am so glad I am not working with him this morning.  LOL, Yes, I think I will go home and wait for him to have a post work nap before I even try talking to him.


  1. Hello, I was just reading your posts - I find them very witty and entertaining. Sincerely. :)

  2. Well TY Zoe. I appreciate the compliment.