Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The dog days of summer

   Wow, I have to admit my last days of summer were very fun filled, spontaneous, and surprising.  C's lay off coinciding with my two short weeks off school was brilliant.  I spent most of my days with him.  Managed to get in a family barbecue with old family friends (With C no less).  Met up with LBGTQ group about plans and fund raisers for the upcoming school year, planning our calendar, and out to the Chinese Buffet for dinner (C-less).  Met a few new people.
Now it is back to the real world.

Oh, and I got a raise:).  Okay, like $.50 an hour.... but still, moving in the right direction.  Had my emplyee review which was pretty good.  I need to start showing "More leadership".  I don't see how since I am pretty much the lowest rung on the ladder, I am hardly in a position to start bossing people about, now, am I?  So I don't know exactly how to pull that off.


  1. I wondered where you'd gone! Sounds like you've had a good couple of days though.

    Well done on your raise, sweetness :)

    At least now you have an excuse to be more bossy.. I'd take that oppurtunity haha :P

  2. o man ... it may only be .50 but that is a good one my friend! it will add up for sure :)

  3. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. That's how it works in the corporate world. The guys on the lowest rung boss every body else around. Haven't you heard the saying "The crap rolls uphill"?

  4. Uphill? Seriously? I have been going about this all wrong.

  5. Listen to Flip Jamie. He is not called Flip for nothing!
    Congrats sweetie! WTG!

  6. Hi, congrats on your raise.Glad you got fun in before going back to school :)