Monday, October 31, 2011

Evil little monster

   In this instant my brother is out, with friends.  He is too old to be walked by his older brother "like a baby" and would be embarrassed to be the only kid his age with an adult.  No matter I was in costume.  Waiting.  And got ditched at the door by a twelve year old:'(


  1. Aww Jamie, I'm sorry!

    It won't be too much longer though and you'll be "cool" again. All younger siblings go through that I think.


  2. i think it's sweet that you cared though jamie. most people would be lazy enough to say, "Good! Good riddance!"

    but you wanted to be with your brother ... and that's just sweeter than anything xo

  3. hugs Jamie, your brother is growing up :)

  4. Aww ... he feels like a grown up.
    I would fly there and go trick or treatin' with you if I can.

  5. LOL

    Stood up by a 12 year old ? Be careful who you tell that to.

  6. Haha! My sister always hated being near me!

  7. aww as a younger sibling I can safely say that your brother is lucky to have an older brother who cares about him and actually wants to spend time with him! He is just going through a phase trying to act like a big kid! :)