Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chateaux de (some french name I can't be arsed to look up)

Okay, first the complaints, because, well it's me and we all know I gotta bitch.  Despite pictures to the contrary it was not as secluded as the web site let on,  which was not a surprise, as I have been a cottager since I was all of about 4.  Despite having linen's provided I think the thread count on the bed sheets was about an 8, and the towels were about as thick as the tissue paper.  However, again, as someone who is familiar with cottaging I brought my own sheets (1200 count, yeah, I like comfort when I sleep) and proper towels that actually dry you.  Not that you needed to really dry.  The water on you skin had time to dry before the next icy cold or scalding hot drop hit.  Those were your choices on the low flow (my coffee maker has a higher water flow) shower head, no in between, either freezing cold or roast your ass off.  Although officially a non-smoking and no pet area you could hear and see several dogs, and our place REEKED of pot the moment we moved in.  It took a whole lot of febreeze to get rid of the stench of old pot and stale beer.  (Yeah, I brought febreeze, because I know how people "clean" cottages).  Oh yeah, and the area is "family orientated" which means the playground, which is actually far away from out cabin, can still be heard until almost midnight every night.

   What was good?  None of the shit above mattered more than when you were actually in said shower.  It was fucking awesome!  Beautiful cottage, other than the butt ugly furniture that probably rocked in 1978, the cottage itself was gorgeous.  fireplace, full kitchen, whirlpool tub, which with the proper combination of cold and hot intervals you could get to a comfortable temperature.  We had a dock, canoe, kayaks, paddleboats, all at our disposal.  I know you are all thinking I sat about and drank my face off for 10 days and nights.  But  despite my best laid plans, that did not happen.  We hiked, we biked, we spent days on the water, fishing, canoing.  I found I like canoeing a hell of a lot.  I've always been appreciative of the great outdoors, but this is the first time ever I spent days communing with mother nature.  Rain or shine, we were outside every day doing something physical, and C was in his element, much more skilled at paddling and hiking, though I can kick his ass at biking.
   On Friday Jake came up with his friend, and some drinking was done, though I don't think a single night anyone was actually more than a bit buzzed.  Jake's friend was actually such a good fit it was hard to think of him as a newcomer, he blended in so seamlessly, even with C, who tends to be very quiet with new people.
   On a whole, my time away was exhausting in a much needed relaxing way.  Am I ready to take on the world again?  Fuck no!  I am ready to win the lottery and spend the rest of my life in some secluded hideaway.  But I do feel like the summer from hell had a bit of a reprieve, and four more weeks until I can look back on this summer and have something to smile about:D


  1. I want to go! sounds very relaxing... after all the sporty spices that is!

  2. I've never heared the term cottaging before, it sounds like a posh caravan holiday, except that place looks lovely, I'm glad you had a good time :)

  3. When you win the lotto don't forget to send me an invite ;-)

  4. ooh la lah, sounds like an incredible respite! let's putit this way, between the lotto luck and income, do both until the next escape. Cheers luv, i missed yah!

  5. Sounds wonderful. Where do I sign up?