Friday, August 31, 2012


So it's here, almost.  Thursday will officially be my first day of school.  Well ...again.

So last week was my last week of work, or was supposed to be.  BUT the receptionist in my Uncle's work went on vacation, so I was paid to answer the phone.  That was it.  Just pick up the phone if it rings.  Problem?  I like money... but fuck me, the phone rang MAYBE three times a fucking day.  So for a decent pay, I was bored out of my tree.  My iPhone has been used CONSTANTLY.  Watching every episode of  the first season of Queer as Folk I can find on youtube.  I have come to the conclusion that Brian was a real douche, and I still think he is awesome.  There is something about a truly unrepentant anti-hero you gotta love.

Long weekend, yay!  Jake is back from Europe tomorrow and Ali back in town on Sunday:D  I am so looking forward to this weekend!


  1. I hope you had a great long weekend, they are the best:)

  2. I did a Queer as Folk marathon a couple of weekends back (bought the whole series). I'd never seen any of it before. It completely blew my mind and I've been half-obsessed ever since. I'm currently watching the Brian/Justin relationship on Youtube (scenes cut to show their story). I figured that yes, Brian's a douche, but from watching their story alone (and not seeing his assholeness in regard to the other people), he really does love Justin.

    Ah man, I was supposed to do some writing...but now I'm tempted to watch the next Youtube episode...

    1. Brian and Justin are my favorite couple ever on TV. Though I actually liked the UK version better, Brian and Justin I think was what kept the American version of QaF on.