Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I feel so mellow, I hardly feel like me

Okay, I will deny it if you tell him, but maybe C was right.  Maybe letting go of the part time job was a good idea.  I have had two on calls since last week, both of which were no.  So I have had a forty hour week, a short week this week, and damn if I don't feel so much more relaxed.  Of course that will hold until I look at my anemic bank account, and try to pay my inflated credit card bill.  *le sigh*. I was not cut out for this working for a living shit.


  1. Neither was I Jamie. I know what you mean.

  2. 2 words:
    cabana boy.
    just an idea.

  3. It's a tenuous line that most of us walk - between working our asses off and not getting burned out. I know plenty of people who work very hard and have lots of stuff - but they never seem to have time to enjoy life.
    I'm still struggling with finding a good work-life balance for myself. I hope it works out good for you. :)