Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deep thoughts of Saturday morning

As I sit here watching the Littlest Hobo (yep, I'm so Canadian I got maple syrup running through my veins) in my Sponge Bob sleep pants, eating a bowl of Capt'n Crunch it occurs to me that being a grown up is not so very different than being a kid.  Just me?  I don't know, when C is not here on the weekend I feel like a kid with a snow day, when the parents go off to work and leave you all alone:)

C is working another crappy weekend.  Three days in fucking Nunavut.  Who the fuck goes to Nunavut in January?  Seriously!  Right now, where he is working it is -39 degrees, which is close to where celcius and farenheit are the fucking same.  I don't know why that really makes it colder in my mind, but hey, work with me.

I get that you gotta work where you gotta work, but C VOLUNTEERED for this.  He actually wanted to go.  Why the fuck would you want to work outside in a place where there is no sun for 24 hours a day?  WHY?  Bragging rights, so he can say he did it.  I am sleeping with an idiot.

To give the coordinator at his job credit she tried to talk sense into him.  She actually said "you know it is really cold there."  "Yeah, I know."  "No like REALLY cold."  "Yes, I own a globe."  So the insane man packed all his warm gear, which I think will not be as effective as it is here, and off he went.  Tomorrow night (hopefully) he will be back, and know a new meaning to the word COLD!


  1. Jamie, I have those days where I feel like the kid... where I sleep in, watch TV and lounge in my pajamas...

    I can't believe 'C' offered to go to Nunavut, BRRRR... May David is in Wainright Alberta and they had -40 last week... and last year in January the temperatures dipped to minus 50. David has to be there, he is in the army but he doesn't like it.

    I hope 'C' comes back soon and not frozen.. :)

  2. I never heard of Nunavut until I read this, but I don't like the sound of it, it was 2 degrees here today and that was quite cold enough thank you very much.
    I have the spongebob lounge pants they don't sell them for women so I bought the mens small, I love them.
    C will be in need of some body heat when he gets back then ?
    Best get ready for some serious cuddles Jamie ;)

  3. I hate cold. If I lived in Canada, I wouldn't live in Canada. I can barely stand my pansy-ass winters.

  4. Noel always say that we adults are just grown kids.