Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I forgot about the big purchase of a tassimo coffee machine. C and I are on weird schedules, so generally brewing a pot of coffee is just a waste, so he got this brilliant idea of the single use Tassimo brewers. They are quick, and ours was on for cheap, but the coffee things are really fucking expensive and IMHO, a huge waste of money.... Until I had the Chai Latte! Better then Starbucks or second cup. My problem is they taste like another cup.

So, my first product review, two thumbs up to tassimo, their lattes are delicious, and though expensive ($10.00 for 8 cups) still cheaper than Starbucks.


  1. wonder if they have such here.
    not a coffee drinker but would love to try it:)

  2. The great thing is they do teas, hot chocolates and ciders too!

  3. I've heard the same thing Jamie. That the coffee is great, but buying the stock is not only expensive, but hard to get hold of depending on where you live. Drink very slowly, and make it last.