Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hemlock Grove review..... kind of.

So I am hooked on the Netflix series.
It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I have decided the two lead men would look so freaking hot together.... no....not at all.

 Peter up above, played by Landon Liboiron and Roman played by Bill SkarsgĂ„rd.  Now Bill may look a little familiar to you.

Look down, his brother Alexander from True Blood.  ahhhhhh, Celebrity crush overload.  But the truth is Bill reminds me of someone else.  Someone who I find unbelievably sexy in a way I cannot understand.  Look down, way down

Steve Buscemi.  Don't ask me why, I have strange taste in men, but I find him unbelievably sexy, especially when I was younger and still really into older men.

Oh, right.  And the show Hemlock grove.... about werewolves and vamps and other supernatural forces or something or another.  But did you look at the lead actors?


  1. Steve doesn't do it for me, but then I can't exactly talk. I have a huge celebrity crush on David Hewlett ;D

  2. Yeah, he does nothing for me. Quirky crushes:)

  3. You post so rarely that I've begun saving up some posts before reading (or maybe that's just my excuse because I've been busy >.<) but holy hell! I've missed out on a lot. Me living in Iceland, I've never heard of Hemlock, but will definitely check it out. You're totally right, he looks like a young Steve Buscemi (I totally had a thing for him in Armageddon).