Monday, April 8, 2013

I have been a bad, bad blogger

But I am also totally exhausted.  We have been busy getting our empty apartment up to snuff.  This weekend we replaced the bathroom floor, laid tile, Dry walled.  Ugh.  But I have to say, the place is looking good.  I will be happy in a week when our new tenant is in place, but until then... work, work work.  Carpeting this week, and painting.  You would think after all that we could have a weekend.... but no.  C's got plans.  Landscaping.  Why did I not realize that with C being the worker bee he is, that this is how it would be.  I'm sore:'(


  1. I thought you might of had a lot on your plate recently as you weren't updating your posts but I can see why. Just remember 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. So get a nice bottle of wine, a good take-away, put some nice music on and have a great night in.
    1 month from now, you'll be all relaxed after all the work has been completed.

  2. Blogging is great. Living is better. It is ok to disappear a little, means you are living a lot :)
    Sometimes I feel a bit bad 'cause I am used to writing daily and when I don't, I feel like I have failed, but life gets in the way sometimes and I think that's ok. Good luck with all the work ahead. And thanks for all the comments. Love reading them :)

  3. Home improvement can sure zap all your energy, lots of hard labor there! Glad to hear the bathroom is really coming together though, in the end its all worth it!