Saturday, April 13, 2013

Religious people confuse me.

Yeah, I'm rather pissed off at religious people right now.  I was referred to today as a "Christian in denial".  I am sure I looked at the guy for a moment like he was nuts, so he quickly explained that it is impossible for someone to honestly believe there is no god.  So obviously my stubborn insistence shows how I am angry at god.  Like an alcoholic in denial I am denying this problem, and cannot be brought to a better place until I can admit I have a problem.  I have never wanted to punch someone so badly... not ever.
The sheer arrogance just totally pissed me off.  First, that you can possibly attest to what others believe.  Second, that you assume I am in denial of YOUR god, despite how many religions are in the world.  WTF.
I put up both hands, like warding off the demons of stupidity and said "what evs, dude".  Now to most this is not an invitation to an "open exchange of ideas", but his guy proceeded to follow me, explaining how he has helped many people like me to put aside our anger with our creator and find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which is what we all need to be happy in life.
Now why do Christians seem to think that atheists are unhappy?
I'm not.  I actually enjoy my life, when I don't have to deal with douche-y parking attendants that is.

It seems my bumper sticker may be off my car if I have to endure people trying to save me.  *shudder*


  1. I think everyone should respect other people's beliefs and not knock them. I don't believe in judging someone for what they believe.

    Very honest and open post Jamie:)

  2. Geez....I hate such persistence, and I agree with Launna.
    As long as you are happy with your life,you don't need to be lectured, this is not something they can force on into you,this is something only a person can by choice choose to believe it or not. Also,you really don't need religion to be happy really,life can still go on just fine with or without it. -.-

    I remember something similar happen to me a long time ago,they think by being forceful and annoying that they are helping but it only makes us look down on them and that is never a good thing.Why don't they get that?urgh

  3. Wow, yeah, that *is* very arrogant. Debating with some bible-thumpers is like debating with a wall: There's no budging them in their beliefs or that saving your soul really isn't necessary. It's completely pointless to talk to a lot of them. That said, I don't think all believers are bible-thumpers, it's just that they're so loud!

  4. Never heard that denial crap before, surprised you didn't clock him

  5. Oh wow, that's the first time I've heard that one! It's frustrating, but I guess it's pointless to argue with a zealot.

  6. I'll never understand why anyone gives a shit about anyone else's faith based belief system (or non-beliefs). It always strikes me as odd that people who have such a strong belief in God, the bestower of, ya know, FREEWILL will go to such obnoxious lengths to keep others from exercising it. It seems pretty ballsy to behave as if *you* know better than God, no?

  7. That's a new one on me, i personally think he's the one in denial but I'm impressed you handled it so well. I know wouldn't have :-)