Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh ho, back again

Why, J, why you wonder, has there been such a large gap in blogging. I had a boyfrined. So surely you would not just ignore a blog for a boy. I'm nineteen. Nuff said.
Soooo, had a really wonderful ( I thought) boyfriend. He is going halfway across the country to go to school. Well, dumps me. Life kinds sucks in that regard.
Went bowling today with my mom, bro and a friend of his. So at the alley I see this guy that I know. yes, KNOW know. And he comes over to say hi... in front of my MOM for god's sake. My mom is cool... but, haha, funny enough really into gay guys. How hysterical is that? I swear to god I could feel her checking him out. Ewww, my mom for fuck's sake. And I guy I... well, I'm sure you know what gay guys do together.
Anyway, big plans for the weekend. An old buddy coming into town. No, not like that you pervs. Just a very straight friend. First guy I came out to, if that tells you how close we are.

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