Monday, October 18, 2010

School sucks the life out of you

First year in University sucks. And I am so fucking broke. I mean my parents paid tuition, but I had to buy my books. I hate English majors, because they can buy all their books with the amount my biology book cost. Why the hell did I choose science again? And math, my nemisis, is kicking my ass. It may be time to fess up to mom that I am falling miserably behind in math, as per usual. Aren't science and math supposed to be right brained? Well, how the hell can I be great at science and suck so hard at math.
Oh, and that hot guy and I went out last weekend. It was amazing. He is coming home next weekend, and has already asked if we could hang out, so it's good. I hate that he lives in London, but then it is probably a good thing, because I get distracted easily. Sad but true. Speaking of distractions... I'm off to the gym.


  1. Yeah, I am a bit of a masochist. In saying that... I am 100% caught up and (fingers crossed) so far straight As. I have not a single artistic bone in my body, except maybe photography, but I also enjoy money, so the staring artist thing has never appealed.