Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yes, I am still here

Well, it has taken me some time to come to peace with he fact that some people are just fucking idiots.  Meh.  I'm grateful to Chris who had to tolerate me.  Usually he is the miserable beastie I have to tame, not so much this last week.  Funny thing he works way different than I do.  He doesn't do it with strokes to the ego among other places.  No, he does it by driving me insane through stupidity, until I am laughing so hard at him I forget my misery.
   Part of why he got his apartment as such a stellar price is that he takes care of the lawn maintenance.  8 AM Sunday morning I wake up to "You gonna help me do the grass?"
   "You cannot cut the grass at 8 on a Sunday morning."
   "I'm cutting it while it's still cool."
   "No you are fucking not.  Seriously C, your neighbours will hate you.  I will hate you on principle.  I am not fucking the kind of guy who would mow the lawn at 8 in the fucking morning on a god damned Sunday fucking morning."  He did not mow the lawn until 10.  But I think he does things like that to just drive me crazy.  And because it amuses him to see how much I can swear in a single sentence.  I got skills, skills I tell you, mad skills.

   So school starts on Tuesday.  I can't wait.  Seriously.  I thought I would enjoy the break but my plan was to spend time with C and maybe take a trip to Toronto.  C spent time with the parents and T is no longer speaking to me, so Toronto is out.  I wish I could say we are not speaking to each other, but I honestly have no clue WHY I became the demon in his break up with his BF.  I mean I met the guy twice, and both times we got on all right.  Part of me thinks T is just looking for someone to blame.  What evs.
   So I am looking forward to getting back in my nice comfortable groove.  During school there is a comfort in the predictability and I am DYING to see some of my friends who went home for the summer.  Awesome.

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  1. jamie, it sounds like you're dating the bio-male version of papi.


    i got a tranny terrorist. we'll have to come up with a descriptive for C :)