Thursday, December 8, 2011

Google bitch slapped me

I often laugh at the searches that led to my blog. But today apparently someone goggled "sad cunt" and there I was. It's official.


  1. I was already giggling when I saw the words, 'sad cunt' came up on my dashboard but the 'it's official' had me guffawing like a prized idiot.

    God, I'm a sad bitch!

  2. hahahahahaha

    That's awesome :)

    I would have never thunkit.

  3. oh jeeeeezus ... you've hit the big time.

  4. Maybe I too am a sad cunt.. but how on earth do you know what people are searching when they "find" you?

  5. OMG. LMAO. Too funny. I rarely check my stats. I probably wouldn't even remember where to look for that bit of intel. I wonder what good (and bad!) info I'm missing. :) Maybe I should check out my stat counter. This sad (cunt's) tale of woe has really got me thinking. What if google is dissing me too! That would never do.

    BTW, love your new background but I have a question/concern. What is the "problem" with it that makes a full 1/5 or so of your page on the right side unused white space and leaves your content "crammed" into a fairly small area on the left side. That is kinda uncool. But I love the background itself. Where did you get it?

  6. Oh, btw Jamie, as a followup to my previous comment because after it posted and I scrolled up to look for your next post I saw something in the search box that also caught my eye and I think you should keep in mind...

    ... even if you are a "sad cunt" you are also, and conversely, an "inspirational gay blog". How do you like those apples! It doesn't make quite as funny (or really funny at all) story but there it is. Your inspiring too! LOL.

  7. Vi: it's under your traffic source. I never used to know, and now I obsess.
    Carmen: I never even noticed that. Is that a testament to how we disregard positive things and absorb the negative or what? Thanks for that:)

  8. Oh, and as much as I love the background it will not let me alter my widths, so I will be looking for another today.