Friday, December 23, 2011


Yes, I did it.  Post exam I met up with Jake.
My mom is friends with Jake's mom.  They met before we were born.  My mom was in University with Jake's father.  By that time they already had Jake's older sister Kayleigh, and my mom used to kick about with them.  Anyway she went to theirs and I took the ride, since they live out of town.  Got TOTALLY drunk.  Jake has a "life-sized" Frosty.  Brilliant thing is it dances and will move it's lips to whatever you say in the microphone. That we could get this thing to say whatever we wanted became quite the game the drinker we got. Anyway, after one day of promising to never do that again I'm feeling much better. Mom asked me to got shopping with her. Now my mother has no control on spending, so every Christmas she takes out the amount she is going to spend and leaves her purse at home. So our last stop is to the LCBO. Behind the counter is this guy about 25. Anyway, we have about 600 dollars worth of booze on the table ( because my family is Awesome like that) and the guy asks my mother for I.D. She laughed, but he was serious. "this is my son.". So he asks her to take off her sunglasses then laughs. My mother looked at him and said "I'm going to pretend it is the wisdom you see in my eyes and not the crows feet that convinced you.". Poor guy had no idea what to say to that.


  1. haha your mom is so cool :)

    glad you had fun and i wish i could have seen frosty the snowman saying what you said.

  2. you mom rocks!!!!!!

    :) i love her ... you already know that ... hopefully she does too ... if not, tell her xo

  3. Ooh la lah, Mom totally rocks! Is she open for adopting a daughter? LMAO. Now I know why you're so lovable, it's in the genes!

    Glad to hear about your lovely holly days, and alcohol, yes, that's how we roll!

    Happy new year sweetie! don't drink and drive. Love yah.