Saturday, January 21, 2012

C had to work today

Which really blows, but they lost a line at work, so until they repair that line, they have overtime.  Better than the other poor bastards on that line that are now laid off until the line is back up and running.  Anyway, to keep me occupied, and to cheer him up I figured I would make something nice for dinner.  Saturday is usually his day to cook, and I was going to make it a surprise, but then I was not sure if he would like what my mind had decided was a perfect meal.  I texted him "You like eggplant"
"Yes, y"
"Making dinner"
So out I go to the vegetable market, I was going anyway as I was getting stuff for Nonna, which is what put eggplant parmesan in my head to start with.  So I pick up everything, get home, start cooking.  Okay, while I will say that it may not be the toughest thing to cook, it is very time consuming.  So he gets home and I take it out of the oven.

"What's that?" he points at the eggplant.
"Eggplant Parmesan."
"That's not eggplant"
"Yes it is"
"No, it's not."
"Yes it fucking is."
So he explains slowly, like he is talking to a moron.  "No, eggplant is the long skinny vegetable that looks a bit like a cucumber."
"No, that would be a zucchini.  Eggplant is a big purple thing."
"Oh, okay.  Then I don't like eggplant."

"And that is when the gun just went off officer"

Anyway, we ate, he picked around the fucking eggplant, ate the pasta anyway, and the garlic bread.  After dinner he says, "Sorry about the eggplant thing."


  1. That is funny, sorry you learned the hard way.Next time you can ask for details to make sure he knows what something is since you have a good excuse :)

    I love eggplant but only in eggplant parmesan yummiest vegetable to eat.

  2. J- if that is the eggplant you made, then sprout me a dick because I'm coming for din-din AND desert!
    Yum- that looks delish!

  3. Never tried eggplant parmesan but it sounds delicious. Oh, such a shame that C got his veggies mixed up. I wonder what zucchini parmesan would taste like - you know, for next time. ;)

  4. Men... fine, he dislikes eggplant. I love 'em both, zucchini or eggplant. Should have come over instead and lapped it up.

    And yeah, you can do a thousand other odd things with eggplant. lol!

  5. LOL, Next time I'm in the mood for eggplant I'm going to have to parcel up and send out the rest;)

  6. Jamie, Had to say something as this post got me a good ole laugh. Read it a couple of times and showed it to others, they laughed too. Can I have some eggplant too?