Monday, January 2, 2012

Why are people such assholes?

Why are people so mean to each other?  Two times today I have had friends upset after getting their grades.  Not because of bad grades, no, because someone had to piss on their fucking accomplishments.  First being my girl Ali.  She stepped out of her comfort zone and took a woman's study course that she was challenged by and had been freaking during exams.  Ali works 2 jobs, and one of the jobs, well she hates.  The assistant manager she works under is an utter and absolute bitch.  Anyway, she went into work and the bitch asks "So did you get your grade back?"
"It's so cute you get so excited, wait until you get that in a real class."
   Now I could see, when she was telling me, it was not going to end well.  BUT Ali was excited and proud, and didn't honestly think why would some 40 year old woman want to embarrass and humiliate a 20 year old girl.  Just cause she could.  Ali said she spent the entire 5 hour shift feeling like bursting into tears and cried on the bus on the way home.  Not because of sadness, but anger at how she was humiliated in front of her co-workers.

   The other, my friend Ry, had excellent grades, but he is taking Sociology.  Ry's single mother is a doctor and any time he makes good grades she says "See I told you you're smart enough to go to medical school." She just does not get that he does not suffer delusions of stupidity, or think going into social work makes you stupider than a doctor.  His mother can honestly NOT comprehend why someone may make different choices than she has made and be happy.  He often says that she might give him peace if he starts getting Cs and Ds.  Now I suppose his mother is not just trying to be mean.  But honestly, what a controlling .... uh... mom.
   People just suck sometimes.


  1. I guess Jamie some people just get off picking on another people's triumphs and small victories.
    Either they are total failures in their core or they are just fucking ego-trippers who think that there are people who can be really good at what they do and possibly even better than them.

    Poor Ali, I could just whack her bitchy boss with a sledgehammer! Ry's mother could use a good ...uhrm ... screw. lol

  2. Amen. I'm havin' a lil' asshole issue myself. Unfortunately, as I understand the law, it's still illegal to hit them in the head with a brick...

  3. Throughout my nursing degree I had a 'friend' who kept asking my why I chose nursing instead of medicine. One day she said "At least if you were a doctor you could do something useful with your life." She is a friend no longer.

    People can be downright rude! Congrats to your friend, Ali, for her 97%, that's an awesome result!

  4. aw jamie ... unfortunately, we need to learn from the crud of the earth so that we can see who are the good ones. it hurts so much when we're being put down. but 97% on anything is awesome.

    she's awesome ... as for the mom ... i'm not going to say anything b/c i haven't experienced nice parents and don't know any different than what they're experiencing. people suck.

  5. PB: Yeah, I kinda think at 40 if that is what makes you feel good there is some kind of failure issues of your own you need to deal with.

    BBG: When did they outlaw bricks:P

    Keeper: Maybe if you understand why you are one, huh:D

    Vee: Totally outrageous. I think ANYONE who has spent more than a day or two in a hospital realize how very irreplaceable nurses are, and how very much they make impossible situations a lot easier. And considering the number of people who drop out of nursing because of the sheer volume of information they need to learn in that first year, it is no easy way out.

    A: It makes me sad that some people seem to get a crappy hand when parents are dealt.

  6. Just saying maybe it is a good thing it is a mystery. If you understood what motivated them maybe you too would become an asshole:)

  7. This totally reminded me of a similar experience I had telling my bff @ a 97 I got in (A&P2) where this pompous dick standing next to us as J. cheered me on saying "That's nothing, I get A's all the time! Snort." To which my friend replied something like "but you do not get A's in astrophysics asshole, so I suggest you mind your fucking business." And we laughed and laughed and got extra shots at the bar.
    The end.
    Fuck people like those pompous haters. Jealous bitches need to stomp all over others because they believe they are shit inside.

  8. I think people are mean when they aren't happy with themselves. They make comments that play into some sort of "insecurities" the other person has when they lack any confidence on their own. Sometimes you just have bear it, accept it, and realize some people won't change until they change their own self-image.

    ~Kristen~ :)