Monday, June 10, 2013

Life's been good to me so far....

   Saturday night I made a rookie mistake. I cannot explain why. I am not a rookie. After two years I know what makes C tick. I know the hot buttons. I know how to avoid things like this.

Let's take you back. C was watching a concert on television. Now, I actually enjoy listening to this while I am reading. Now, we have an agreement. Well, okay, not so much as an agreement, as I have trained Chris. See, when we used to “watch concerts” together here was the dialogue.

C- Oh wow, look at that guitar.
Me- Uh huh.
C- You aren't looking.
Me- I did, it's a cool guitar

Side note here, Jamie knows shit about guitars... or wants to.

Two minutes later:
C- Look at how he does that, J.
Me- uh huh
C- No really look, see how he......*insert guitar player speak here*

This goes on, I shit you not, for the entire concert. The first time... well, we were still at the stage where I thought his little idiosyncrasies were cute. Yeah, that one wore on my nerves pretty fucking fast. By the second concert, about half way through I snapped, but then I came out looking like the asshole. So the third concert as soon as he started, one minute later I would say “Hey C listen to this” and read something excited out of my text books. It took about 5 times, every time he would interrupt me with insistence to look I would follow it a minute later with reading aloud. Finally I think he clued in.... Yeah, I give about as much about guitar playing as C does about veterinary medicine.

So with all that training you think I would be more careful. I made a comment on Joe Walsh, and how I liked his style. I even compared him to C's hero Clapton. Doh.... Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.... All day Sunday was spent trying to teach me the key points to the guitarists, how they differ, what their styles are, what they play......

Rookie mistake.


  1. Haha... oh my Jamie...don't make that rookie mistake again... lol

    Thanks for you comment on my blog;-)

  2. you live, you learn, right?

  3. Haha ... Lesson learned?
    My cousin won't stop making comments while watching tv: "oh look the guy got in the car ... oh look the woman is wearing a red dress ..." NO SHIT? I have eyes too. I can see, I don't need you to tell me. I have tried everything: screaming, swearing, ignoring her ... nothing works ... so I just stopped watching TV with her!

  4. That's a good way to point out another persons annoying habits, show them how annoying it is rather than have an argument. You should work for the UN mate.

  5. There's an art to explaining you don't care.

    I tried just saying, "I am not interested in that," to my now-ex. It didn't work.

    The trick is to do it in a way that makes them know you don't care about [insert obscure topic here] without them thinking you don't care about them.

    I do not have that talent.