Saturday, June 1, 2013


I grocery shop a lot.  I prefer things that have not been frozen so generally every couple days I hit the grocery store.  Now, I refuse to go to the stores with the quarter deposit.
Now I know, what is the big deal, right?  But I find this system more than a little insulting.  First off it presupposes that I am too fucking lazy to put things back where they belong (shut up C).  But as if that weren't bad enough they think I am so fucking cheap that a quarter is going to motivate me.

I know they say it saves us money.  Well sure, I guess they can save you three cents on the jumbo package of toilet paper by not spending the money to pay someone to gather those carts.  Yep, that is a job that is no more.  I won't use self check outs either, or shop where they have them.  Slowly but surely our "convenience" and money saving tips are causing higher unemployment, and to tell you the truth, well, it pisses me off.  And as for passing the savings down, really?  More people unemployed, on assistance, and guess whose fucking taxes go up? Where is my three cents on toilet paper really getting me ahead.  I tend to shop at Sobey's.  24 hours, where they bag your groceries for you, don't hold my quarter hostage, and they fucking smile and are pleasant.  Why?  Perhaps because they are not stuck making minimum wage as management tries to make them redundant.

   Yeah, I wasn't sure where I was going with this rant either...


  1. Speaking as someone who use to work in one of those hellholes, thank you for not using self-scanners not for your reasoning but because I use to work them and it's less work for me to put it through myself. People are idiots and that's me being nice.

    And at least in the UK even if a pay for the cart and it's £1 here, we still had staff to bring them in.

  2. I agree with you Jamie... although I will use the self serve occasionally as I used to work in a grocery store for 6 years (Sobey's) so I know how to put an order through but I more often than not have them put the order through for me... Since I agree it takes jobs away from people...

  3. I'm not sure I'd even be able to find a shop that doesn't have those deposit trolleys or self service checkout. They all seem to be converting.

  4. 'm always thumbling around looking for that £1 coin to put into the shopping trolley and then after putting my shopping in a cab, I have to run back to return the trolley hoping the cabbie is still there waiting for me. What a perlava.

    I too don't use 'self service' tills, because I'm usually the one to hold up the whole queue as things always go wrong and bells start ringing everywhere. Naa, not for me. As for someone packing my shopping. Some of the staff like to throw things in so badly, I end up having to empty the bag and repack it myself in front of them. Shopping drives me mad.
    Oh before I go, I'm glad you have a real 24hr shop. I thought we did but I found out the hard way Jamie on the way to the stupid shop. 24hrs really means opens around 8am until 10pm Monday to Saturday then on a Sunday opens around 10am to 5pm. How the hell does that add up?

  5. Good for you! I feel the same way. Although my business of choice does offer self-checkout, I refuse to use them. I prefer a person who can at least share a smile. :) Happy Pride Month!

  6. "And as for passing the savings down, really? More people unemployed, on assistance, and guess whose fucking taxes go up? Where is my three cents on toilet paper really getting me ahead."

    Excellent point. Some people can't see past their noses.