Saturday, June 15, 2013

The bargain

   My friend Ali, she really is a genius.
   Her boyfriend is HUGE into comic-con and anime shit.  So he begged her to go to Comic-con, and sure enough she caved with the proviso that he went to Pride with her.  He probably would have come anyway, because he is a pretty cool guy.  Then he was begging her to dress in costume.
Yeah, she was so not into it.
He kept showing her costumes after costume...
Finally she said "Look, fine.  I will go to comic-con in what ever you want me to wear.... so long as YOU wear whatever I want when we go to pride."

Yeah, so she is not wearing a costume to Comic-con.

Though I wonder what she would have made him wear:D 


  1. Haha... thanks so much for the laugh Jamie... I would have loved to see what she would have made him wear... what a hoot that would have been :)

    Seriously funny, lmao :D

  2. LOL! Did you ask her what she was planning on getting him to wear?

  3. Now I am wondering :-)