Monday, February 13, 2012

Sage advice for Valentine's Day from an expert

   I was at my Nonna's on Sunday.  Whole family thing.  My cousin was lamenting that his most recent crush had friend-zoned him.  He asked her out to be told she didn't like him "that way".  So he was trying to drum up ideas that would "remind" her that he was still interested if she changed her mind, but without creeping her out too much.  
   Then came the sagest words from the most unlikely source:  "There is a fine line between persistence and restraining orders."  We were laughing, but then CJ got this dead serious look on his face, apparently really mad we were taking his serious advice as so funny.  "Trust me, I know."  His 12 year old face so intense.
   "And how would you know?" I asked.
   "I watch a lot of judge shows." 


  1. if a 12 year old is worrying about "the friend zone," then we all have bigger problems than i suspected...

    1. LOL, no no, my brother, the advice giver is 12, this cousin is 17.

  2. Like I always said, some meme would kill to be friend-zoned.

    Just sayin'.

  3. LOL

    Your brother is very wise. But I bet he forgets that when he gets a crush on a girl who puts him in the friend zone.