Sunday, March 20, 2011

almost got in an accident

So I took my brother over to the mall to get my mother a present. On the way back some idiot whips out of the parking space where I am. A blast of horn had him stop like half and inch from my bumper. I did my civic duty and with a flurry of hand gestures and shouts I expressed my dissatisfaction with his driving skills.
So we go home, my mom is gushing and CJ says "We almost got hit by a douche bag." Uncomfortable silence as two sets of accusing eyes fall on little old me. "That is not an appropriate thing to say," Dad sends a glare my way. Little shit ratted me out... or so I thought...

"That's what you call the drivers who make you mad," CJ tells him. OMFG! My bro is awesome!


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Your brother just earned himself two points!

  2. LOL, when my son was little my dad used to take him out in the car and taught him some choice words...only found that out when we are in my rather posh mates car, some idiot pulled out in front of us and my two year old said "fucking wanker"

  3. God bless the Profanity Dictionary!
    I love CJ!
    If they curse again, blame the genes! hehe

  4. LMAO, thing is my dad prides himself on not swearing. my mom has a mouth like a sailor. North end girl that she is. Kinda funny he nailed dad rather than mom.

  5. lol! i learned all my swearing from my mom :)