Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work "issues"

So I went to my work, and asked one of the vets if I could talk to one of them about getting a letter of recommendation, since I want a job in a similar field. Too much to hope for? Probably, but no chance in hell without a reference. Anyway, I got a call asking me to come in to discuss the "issues" going on. I was not, until now, aware there were issues. so fuck, maybe there are reasons other than an hour hog fellow employee sucking up my hours. This can't be good. So far, my day sucks.


  1. Maybe they think that you have issues (which you do) and not they have issues with you ?

    This might actually work in your favour.

    Fingers crossed for you x

  2. aw sweety ... i hope those issues are not really your problem.

    i hope it all goes well ... sometimes, we just have no control over stuff ...

    big good luck vibes coming your way xo