Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another whiny post....

Okay, The other experienced part timer where I work three months ago became a father. So now he is constantly sucking my hours from me. Okay, I get you have a kid to support. But I did not knock up your 16 year old girl friend. I get you are trying to do what you define as the "right thing", but it should not be at the cost to my pay checks. I have been very patient, but I just had my ONLY two shifts for next week taken away from me and given to him. The one time I complained he put on this hurt face and said "Well, not all of us have parents who can pay for our education". Well, boo fucking hoo, that does not make my work any less valuable. It does not make my living expenses non existant. This means I cannot afford to put money on my cell, or afford freaking gas to get back and forth to school this week. Ugh, feel better after getting that off my chest. Not that it will help. Time to start looking for another job I guess :(


  1. Damn, that sucks. :(
    Hope you find better options. There should be.

  2. But you love that job, play the discrimination card Jamie - either one...or both :)

  3. see ... you're not whining ... you're getting it out of your head, through your mouth and away from your body :)