Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner for one

So, here I go. Going out with a few friends. I fucking hate couples. Okay, I don't, I just wish it didn't always feel like EVERYONE was half of a couple other than me. Even my friend Ali, the only person with worst taste in men then me, suddenly has a boyfriend. *Sigh*. Dateless and pathetic, as Alex, who DOES owe me, has gone to visit her boyfriend. So why am I going? Right, committees and all that. The good news? Free food.


  1. jamie, i've been the single one most of my life. I believe it's because we are the true romantic waiting for 'the one'.

    it's good to be picky, and it's good to know exactly what you're waiting for xo

  2. You'll find someone, although it may take about twenty bad eggs to get a good one.

  3. Thanks Jamie. Not only am I single loser, I don't even have a group of friends I'm going for dinner with. So pardon my lack of sympathy.

  4. You should have come and been my date, cupcake. Then I could introduce my fabulous wife:D

  5. Yayyyyy for free food! That's always exciting! Too bad that you are stuck as the odd one out! Wish I could help you girl. Just take your time in finding someone, don't feel sorry for yourself. It makes you pathetic. You are a good guy! You just need to be by yourself and be happy with yourself before you find someone you can be happy with. Because if you aren't happy with yourself you'll never be happy with anyone else... and when your alone, you'll be unhappy all that time. At least, if you are alone you can be happy alone and then when you find someone, you can share your happiness together.

  6. Hey Jamie, you have a long life ahead of you good friends and heeps of good is that eh..The right "man" will come when you least expect it...hopefully soon.. but hey experience and looking is fun too no? plenty of time to settle.
    Love your blog, have just become a follower.
    Thank you for supporting my thread today on TCS it meant a lot to me you know
    Take care and Cheers from Aussie Stell

  7. I fucking hate couples too.
    Even when i am in a couple.